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Ball Busting Kink: Just What Is It Exactly?

Every relationship has varying levels of comfort with the idea of sexual intimacy. For some, it may be an area they would rather not...
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Pregnancy Week 18: Inside Your Belly, Your Baby Is Kicking Away!

Look at you, a true champion, getting almost halfway there already! 18 weeks pregnant and still going just as strong as before. Can you...
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OTT Platforms Presents You With A Spooky Halloween Movies List

It’s finally October and the weather is getting cosier. This is also the season for pumpkins, dressing up and spooky things. While you are...
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Emily In Paris: The Show That Has Made Dreaming Big Achievable

Why We Loved Emily in Paris? If you have access to the Internet and use social media, you’ve probably heard about this new show...
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Baby’s Day Out: Diaper Bag Essentials That You Need To Carry

Diaper Bag Essentials: What Do You Need? If you are a new mom or a mom-to-be, you might want to be fully prepared when...
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8 Best Exercises For Inner Thighs You Need To Try Now!

Inner thigh exercises are truly strenuous and undeniably crucial too. Inner thighs workout benefits in achieving strong inner thighs and toned muscles. They make...
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Find Out Some Shocking Health Benefits of Sex For Women!

For consenting individuals, sex is an immensely pleasurable experience. But did you know that besides being so pleasant, sex also has a lot of...
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Marble Nails – The Instagram Trend You Can Replicate At Home!

Instagram has been buzzing and flooding with nail arts that are sophisticated, elegant, and yet all badass. These nail arts are for everyone! No...
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Vacuum Butt Therapy: Things You Must Know Before Trying!

The cosmetic industry has been booming for around a decade now and we see the results daily on all social media platforms from the...
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Date The Ramp: The Designer Rental Platform For The Modern Woman

Fashion is about more than looks. It is a feeling, a way of expressing yourself the way you want. When a dress calls out...
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Pregnancy Week 17: Your Baby Can Hear You!

Soon after a few more months, you will finally be able to hold your little munchkin in your embracing arms and see it with...
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Looking For Long Lashes? Eyelash Implant Surgery Might Be An Option!

Eyes speak a thousand words and eyelash are it’s conveyer, an eye roll, batting our eyes with a coquettish look can covey myriad emotions....
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