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Tartini Cocktail: The Raspberry Beauty and 8 Wonderful Raspberry Vodka Cocktails You Can’t-Miss Out On!

Whenever we think of cocktails, we think of delicious fruits, juices, and punches, associated with various colors. The best thing about cocktails is, they...
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Spaghetti Top Vs Camisole: 6 Ways to Style Spaghetti Tops

Fashion incorporates a plethora of aspects, clothing being one of them. Newer trends are found in demand, every day. The only thing that’s constant...
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Activate the 7 Chakras of Your Body: 9 Benefits of Vetiver

Vetiver or khus, as it’s more commonly known, is an aromatic plant that is immensely beneficial for our health. It belongs to the Poaceae...
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6 Best Movies Based on True Stories

Every movie is a piece of art even if it is derived from an existing source, both popular or otherwise. What we see on...
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Does Body Fat Affect Sex? 3 Key Points To Remember

What does the word ‘fat’ actually refer to? It means to have a higher body weight than average, being bigger than usual.  Something that’s...
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Do You Have NightFall? Know It Here

Teenage is the time when we begin to explore our desires, both physically as well as emotionally. The sphere of sexual pleasure and arousal...
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How to do Sumo Squats & Its Variations?

If you are a workout enthusiast, you must be aware of the benefits of squats. Directly impacting the core muscles, thighs, and glutes, squats...
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Saving The World: 9 Female Action Movies

The movie business has been presided over by men since forever. But, the dominance has been maximum pertaining to certain genres. Action is one...
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Sex Isn’t Always Satisfying: 8 Side Effects of Sex

Sex is an essential bodily function that is a major part of our lives. Gone are those days when people would refrain from having...
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Time for Some Self-Love: 11 Homemade Sex Toys That Will Get You To Climax

The fog and haze around the term ‘masturbation‘ are slowly subsiding, given the increasing awareness about the importance of sexual pleasure. Masturbating or exploring...
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6 Reasons Why Your Bucket List Might As Well Do Without Pool Sex

All of us have a bucket list, with everything that we want to do before we die. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able...
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How To Ace The Famous Spooning Sex?

Two people sleeping together is nice, but sometimes it can also be a real nightmare.  We have all experienced what it’s like to sleep...
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