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Five Times That Women’s Equality In Sports Was Fought For

Every woman around the world has had to fight steadily and fiercely to receive equal space and recognition in all spheres. But there is...
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A Simple Guide To Achieve Women’s Work-Life Balance!

Decades of uproar by feminists all around the world – that’s what it took for women to move past four walls of the kitchen...
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Possible Causes Of Tingling Sensation In Hands & Feet

Most of us have experienced that tingling sensation in our bodies, especially in our hands, arms, legs, and feet. Some must have experienced rarely...
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How To Deal With The Complications Of COPD And Allergies?

People suffering from COPD are vulnerable to many allergens and pollutants. COPD and allergies are something that is not easy to handle together. Since...
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Surviving And Thriving As A Strong Single Mother!

Motherhood is unique to every woman. You can read as many books on parenting as you want, but when it’s time, you have to...
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How To Use Ayurveda For Hair Growth

Do you think you are losing hair at an alarming rate? Have you started to lose hair in patches and you are afraid that...
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Gym Toned Figure Or Expert Photoshop Editing? Drastically Changed Body in Photographs

Wanting a perfectly shaped body is the dream of every girl out there. All of us would want to get rid of those extra...
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Marriage Between Same-Sex: A Take On The Pride Month

Why Discriminate LGBTQ Community? Do you remember how estranged it sounded, the first time we heard about a man loving a man or a...
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Everything You Need To Know About Medicare Waiting Period

The government has made many policies and schemes for our betterment. These policies and schemes help us to lead an easy life. With the...
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How Does Temperature Affect Productivity Of Women At The Workplace

A place where you spend more than half of your day sitting in one place. The place where your productivity really matters and is...
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DIY Mango Recipes And Hacks To Try This Summer!

As much as we don’t like summer’s scorching heat we all love mangoes in this season and it’s all varieties.   Mango, as we knew,...
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What Are The Reasons For Rejection In An Arranged Marriage

The system of arranged marriage is no new phenomenon for Indians. Even today 90% of marriages in India have arranged marriages.  Arrange marriage is...
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