Supriya Singh

Supriya Singh

Words hold immense power to change the world. I'm here to inspire and spread positivity.

190 Stories by Supriya Singh

Dr. Elin Haf Davies, CEO Of Aparito Transforming The Face OF Healthcare Industry

When you are highly passionate about bringing a positive change to the world like elin haf davies ceo of aparito, nothing can really stop...
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Julie Harris Believes Uplifting Women In Business Is Essential!

Meet Julie Harris, who currently works at Motorola Solutions and is also the CEO/Founder of Exceptional Women’s Network. Her nonprofit is a best-in-class resource...
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Founder Of Women Who Rock, Melinda Colaizzi, Talks About The Importance Of Women Health Research

We all love to entertain ourselves and refresh our minds by listening to music, some of us even love to groove along with it....
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Dauntless Stunt Woman, Lori O’Connell Shares Her Journey Of Discovering Her Sexuality

We all find the action, supernatural, sci-fi genre pretty interesting, and watching the action sequences in such movies or series just blows our minds,...
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Natalie Kouzouyan: The Dynamic Problem Solving CEO Of Hollywood Suits

The world has always doubted the leadership qualities and decision-making skills of women. However, with time, we are now getting to see more and...
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Lilian Makoi’s Frokid Technologies Helps Create A Safe Environment Online For African Kids

Irrespective of what people say and assume, Lilian Makoi , who hails from Tanzania, Africa has been working with a mission to uplift the...
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Flu In Elderly: Is It Something To Worry About?

In general terms, an individual over the age of 65 years is elderly. Our body is somewhat similar to a piece of machinery that,...
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5 Organic Leave-in Conditioners On Amazon For Your Mane

Looking fabulous is all about wearing the right outfit, heels, accessories, makeup, and hair.  Now, we all have been through a bad hair day....
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ADHD In Children: Look Out For These Warning Signs!

Bringing up a child in such a competitive world is one of the most overwhelming responsibilities of parents. There is no particular course or...
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Rytasha Rathore Talks About Social Media Abuse

Rytasha Rathore Rytasha Rathore grabbed everyone’s attention with her portrayal of Gia Irani in MASABA MASABA. We ladies just loved the way she brought...
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Mansi Bagla Talks About The Challenges Of Being A Young Entrepreneur

Every woman is born with a fire inside that allows her to become a noteworthy person in life. Some require the right push from...
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Self Hug: An Amazing Way To Appreciate Yourself

Sometimes, a hug is all we need to make everything in life better!  Have you ever tried hugging your loved ones or your partner...
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