Suansha Bhatnagar

Suansha Bhatnagar

As a content writer, I like socializing with people to understand their views on the social media platforms. I emphasize to be surrounded with positive, energetic and like minded people.

9 Stories by Suansha Bhatnagar

Linea Nigra Without Pregnancy: Effective Home Remedies

Linea nigra (black line)  is commonly known as the pregnancy line which appears on the female belly during pregnancy. It is also shown that...
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Successful Ways To Build And Maintain Social Media Presence

How often have you come across a social media page which you found boring, despite it being active throughout? This aspect can be explained...
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Breathing Exercises For Sleep- Wake Up A Happier Person

Many people face problems in sleeping at night. It is usually due to stress and anxiety from an excess amount of work or any...
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How To Make Hair Serum At Home?

Hair is one of the most delicate parts of our body and is directly linked to the beauty of a woman. It enhances one’s...
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Is It Effective To Do Yoga For Weight Gain?

Yoga as a mode of therapy has become extremely popular. Yoga is a holistic approach to our well being as it takes into consideration...
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Sandalwood Benefits: Some Lesser Known Secrets About the Unusual Wood

Sandalwood or Chandan is a well known aromatic wood that has been used in India for ages. It is widely used for its medicinal...
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The Magical Coconut Milk Benefits

Coconut milk is an extremely nutritious and delicious byproduct that is obtained from coconut. Its consistency is an opaque white thick liquid that resembles...
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Homemade Skin & Hair Mask From Curd

Curd is a by-product of milk which is used in almost every household from time immemorial. It is not only used in its raw...
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Struggles Of Being A Black Token Girl

The inclusion of someone from the minority community to show a sense of inclusion and for the sake of ‘forced diversity’ has been eponymously...
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