Pratigya Dhali

Pratigya Dhali

Wanderlust. Bibliophile. Foodie. Writing is a way of escaping the mundane for me!

156 Stories by Pratigya Dhali

Michelle Penczak, The Accidental CEO Of Squared Away Creating Opportunities For Military Spouse

Michelle Penczak, Accidental CEO Of Squared Away, in talks with TVOW: The army is the backbone of any country, who are willing to sacrifice...
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Athena Security’s Lisa Falzone Shares Her Concern And Solution For Gun Control

They say motherhood changes a woman, but it cannot be more true than for serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Athena Security- Lisa Falzone....
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Indira Rangarajan- The First Lady Of Radio Breaks Gender Stereotype At Every Step

Women need to see themselves as true and authentic and not caricatures: Indira Rangarajan Indira Rangarajan, the National Content Director of Mirchi, which is considered as...
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Co-founder Of CFTE Tram Anh Nguyen Is Preparing The World For The New Era Of Finance

Success never comes easy, hard work, ambition, and sheer determination contribute towards the end goal. Manifesting these qualities and much more is the effervescent...
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Licypriya Kangujam: The Girl On A Mission To Save The Planet

Licypriya Kangujam Licypriya Kangujam or as she is lovingly known by her fans, Licy, wasn’t even present in this world a decade back. She...
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Aditi Balbir Talks About Female Entrepreneurship

Aditi Balbir Aditi Balbir is a pioneer in true sense. Though hospitality is often thought to be a woman’s forte, when it comes to...
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inDinero CEO Jessica Mah Shares The Secret Behind Running A Successful Business

Jessica Mah Do you remember what you were doing when you were 15? Well, Jessica Mah precocious since childhood, was starting her first entrepreneurial...
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Aglet Ink’s Reeti Roy Shares Pro Tips For Creating A Perfect CV

Reeti Roy Reeti Roy’s impressive CV might make you mistake her for someone serious but she is anything but that. With her infectious laughter,...
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Nanighar Founder, Debjani Mookherjee: “I Never Needed Any Man To Support Me Financially”

A popular Bengali saying is: Je Radhey Shey Chulo Bandhey, which translates into a woman who cooks, can also dress up. This proverbial saying...
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FinTech Futures’ Sharon Kimathi Shares Her Views On Feminism And Being A Female, Black Editor

Sharon Kimathi Sharon Kimathi is the daughter of Kenyan parents who migrated to the United Kingdom when she was just a young child. Following...
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Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal Expresses Her Gratitude For Her Fans

Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal aka Roshan Sodhi, is a beloved character, from one of the longest and most successful sitcoms in the history of Indian...
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Netflix’s ‘The Social Dilemma’ Exposes How Women Are Often The Target Of Social Media Abuse

Ironically, we have taken to the internet to rage and rant against the internet, but then the world isn’t eutopic and neither are the...
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