Anushka Nagarmath

Anushka Nagarmath

I love reading, writing, learning new languages and making poems out of every little thing. I believe that every story is worth telling, as long as it is told with kindness.

84 Stories by Anushka Nagarmath

Fashion For The Lazy Days: 8 Coziest Loungewear Sets For Women

Fashion is not limited to long ramp-walks but with coziest loungewear as well under the spotlights. It is not just the glittering gown you...
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Businesswomen Revolution: Why More Women Are Turning to Entrepreneurship

Women have always surpassed the suffocating roles in society hence women are turning to entrepreneurship.  They have been stepping over the threshold and ascertaining...
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Competing On Unequal Grounds: Why Aren’t Women’s Sports As Popular As Men’s?

Sports is all about teamwork and cooperation. womens sports as popular as mens means days of shared sweat, long practice hours spent cheering each...
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A Sip Of Green For Good Health: 6 Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Green is the color of nourishment and prosperity. It is a marker of growth and resilience. It is also the color of the multi-beneficial...
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A Gendered Pandemic: COVID-19’s Effect On Women’s Jobs

The covid 19s effect on womens jobs has hit every section of the population hard. The normal functioning of society was brought to an...
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Yoga For Periods: 5 Yoga Asanas To Ease Menstrual Problems

The art of yoga asanas combines mindfulness with physical exercise. It is a gentle mix of mental, spiritual, and bodily movements, combined in the...
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Swimming Through the Tides of Time: 7 Swimsuits For Women Over 50

The idea of a swimsuits for women over 50 is often treated as a bad thing. Society loves to push the idea of an...
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Give Your Breasts A Comfortable Fitness: Best Sports Bras for Women 

If you have ever worn a bra, then you are probably aware of the best sports bras for women and tribulations of choosing the...
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Spin Your Heart On Two Wheels: How Cycling Can Hit A Woman’s Love Life

There is something magical about bicycle rides that to when cycling can hit a womans love life . The gentle rhythm of the spokes...
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Rise And Shine: 15 Habits of Successful Women’s Morning Routines

It is always successful womens morning routines somewhere in the world. No matter how dark and dreary things might seem in your tiny corner...
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Climbing The Ladder of Ambition: 10 Things Successful Women Never Do

Success means different things successful women never do . For some, it can mean standing on a grand stage, lit up in a million...
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Women Have It All: 5 Myths That Burden The ‘Perfect’ Modern Woman

Society loves selling the idea of the ‘perfect and very generously gives the tag that modern women have it all who balance personal life,...
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