From being a fashion stylist in the entertainment industry to stealing the limelight as an actress, Ariah Agarwal is a breath of fresh air in the acting industry. She is popularly known for her role as Mishka Chaubey in Kausatii Zindagii Kay. 

Born and brought up in Amchi Mumbai, Agarwal is a true fashionista with a degree in fashion designing, an actress, and the founder of Global Support Trust helping the needy and underprivileged. 

The Voice of Woman recently contacted the dynamic and beautiful Ariah Agarwal for a fun yet informative interview session to know all about her. She did spill a few fashion hacks, skincare hacks that she uses, how she landed in the shiny town of acting, and a lot more. 

Keep on reading to know all about the beautiful and fun-filled Ariah Agarwal.  

Interview with Ariah Agarwal

Here are the amazing answers of Ariah Agarwal given in the interview with VOW

What inspired Ariah Agarwal to enter the acting industry

Entering the acting industry was my destiny, I guess. I was already working as a stylist in the industry before I became an actor. The truth is, when you work behind the cameras, you get to learn a lot. The industry is quite fascinating!

Being a Bombay girl, I always knew that I would stay connected to the industry somehow. But I never thought I would end up becoming an actor. Now that is all I want to be!

Ariah Agarwal
Ariah Agarwal

Ariah Agarwal

In your most recent IGTV videos, you gave a room plus walk-in closet tour. You seem amazingly organized when it comes to your belongings. We would love to know some hacks that you use to organize your stuff.

Firstly, I believe many interior designers will disagree with what I am going to say. I don’t believe in clutter by decoration. For me, anything that I don’t require in my space is clutter. That is one of the hacks that I use to organize my stuff – toss anything that you don’t need

Another hack that I use is folding clothes vertically instead of horizontally. This way, you can take something out of your wardrobe without making a mess. 

Try adopting the Marie Kondo organizing style in this case. I got some great organizing tips from her, so maybe it will be helpful for you all as well.

How do you keep your skin and hair healthy? Any secret tips that you would want to share with us

I have the most boring skincare routine. All I have is a cleanser, a moisturizer, and sometimes I use an anti-inflammatory cream. That’s all! 

Honestly, the way I keep my skin and hair healthy is by going to a dermatologist. A good dermatologist knows everything about skin and hair health. So, it is important to find a good dermatologist! 

I can never imagine myself following a long skincare routine, be it for day or night. Mainly, I keep my skin clean and moisturize. I cleanse my face thrice a day even if I have dry and sensitive skin. 

Although, there is one skincare hack I find useful that is using ice cubes. Since I have inflammatory skin issues now and then, rubbing ice on my face really gives me some relief. I also make sure to wash my face before and after hitting the gym. Clean skin is after all healthy skin!

We have seen you cooking some yummy dishes in your IG account. How long have you been into trying new recipes and cooking

For starters, I am not a big fan of cooking, actually. I like to cook but only for myself. I cook my food in small quantities. I didn’t cook regularly before, but during this lockdown, I have been cooking quite a lot. Being a bigtime Foodie, it has compelled me to cook to satisfy my food cravings. 

About recipes, I have recently discovered a super easy and yummy broccoli recipe – I sauté the broccoli and garnish it with lots of cheese. It has around 100 calories and is my regular mid-day snack. I just love Asian food, so I try any new Asian recipes I find. It’s just yum!

Ariah Agarwal
Ariah Agarwal

We girls love to eat but sometimes feel guilty about it thinking about gaining weight. How do you make up with the intake of extra calories

Not just girls, but nowadays even men are also health-conscious. Most men and women are now health-conscious and weight-conscious. 

It is shown this way that only girls are health conscious, but I also know a lot of men who keep their health in check. Keeping your health in check is very necessary, and we all should. 

About my diet, due to the summers, I have been eating less than usual. The lifestyle that is the most effective is Eat half, walk double, which is something I follow to maintain myself. Also, when it comes to working out, I dance as it makes me happy and liberating.

How important is beauty sleep for you

Sleep, in general, is very important as it helps rejuvenate my body and keeps me healthy overall.

What is your all-time favourite makeup that defines your personality

I do love doing makeup but honestly, no makeup look can truly define my personality. But you can say winged eyeliner is my signature makeup look that I mostly wear.

What is your personal fashion statement

Although I have a degree in fashion designing and have been a fashion stylist all my life, I don’t really have a fashion statement of my own. But mostly my fashion statement would be nightdresses and pajamas, I guess.

Ariah Agarwal
Ariah Agarwal

Your fashion DIY hacks are mind-blowing. We would love to see you demonstrate a new fashion DIY hack that we all can try

A fun DIY hack that everyone can try now is making a mask from a sock. It’s on my Instagram page. It is pretty easy, washable and affordable.

Being an inspiration to the youth, what message would you like to share through The Voice Of Woman

I don’t know if I am an inspiration because I’m still young. But I want to say, nowadays, we see so many young girls as influencers and bloggers, which is inspiring. People say these are not real jobs, but I think it is a real job.

It is pretty amazing for a 15-year-old to figure out what to do career-wise. On the other hand, I was pretty clueless when I was 15. 

Another topic that I would like to talk about is Feminism. Feminism means gender equality. Gender equality doesn’t mean I want muscles or strength like men. What I want is getting equal pay and prospects as my male colleague who has the same experience as me. 

Many don’t like the idea of men being chivalrous on dates, but this idea differs from person to person. Feminism is all about both genders getting equal opportunities, nothing more. So, calm down. 

I hope the entire team of VOW and all the people who are reading this are safe at home. Take care guys, Stay at home, We are all in this together 

~ Ariah Agarwal♥