Are You Friends With Your Daughter? Or Are You Friends With Your Mum?

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These are the questions that one may be asked frequently. It takes us to a beautiful yet complicated relationship between a mother and her daughter. Every daughter and mother of a daughter out there is going to relate to this piece of writing. 

We always had a love-hate relationship with our parents. We are constantly arguing with them about how they can never understand us or how we try to make them see certain things from a generation gap angle. But when it comes to a mother and a daughter, this relationship can turn out to be very different. Mother is your first teacher, her love knows no bounds, she doesn’t expect reciprocity, she stands by you through every thick and thin, she was there to cheer even on the smallest of your achievements and stood firmly by you on the biggest of your failures, she believes in you. You always look up to her, the first lipstick you used was her’s, you try to copy her style, her mannerisms and what not!? But, can you two really be friends?

Yes and no!… There are daughters who think that sharing everything with their mothers may not be a good idea because of the generation gap and other things and there are mothers who think that if they become friends with their daughters, daughters will take them lightly and won’t listen to them. Though individual experiences may differ but generally It’s great to have a friendly and open relationship with your mother. You two can have a blast together, you don’t have to hide your social life from her and most importantly you always have a go-to the person whom you can share everything without the fear of being judged. You will feel great about being blessed with the super cool mom.

But, She may be your best friend and you share the most intimate relation with your mother yet she is the mother. She is not your equal but above you in the hierarchy. She has got more responsibilities. However friendly she can be, she will never let you do something wrong just for fun. She will never want you to repeat the same mistakes as her. There are things in your life where she will exercise her control just like a regular mom. But a friend never does that.  And that’s the best part of being friends with your mother. She is a regular mom and a mom simultaneously.

If the daughter is not comfortable in opening up to her mother because of the fear of being misunderstood, she will always turn to her friends for advice. Though friends come to rescue in a lot of situations in life this may not be a good idea always. Friends may misguide her. While if the mother and daughter have an open relationship then the mother can always guide her as a parent as well as a friend.