Are Face Masks Helpful?

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face masks
Anindita Bhuyan
Anindita Bhuyan, a graduate of BBA in International Business and a native of Assam. I crave to experience an odyssey and share that via words, that is where I have an eternal love for writing.

It is a World Wide Web thing now. Whether hype or help, nobody cares. Only the flow matters. To go on with this topic, I have tried a few face masks for the last couple of days, so that I can share my experience and opinion if this worked as hype or help for me.

I would precisely tell each and every mask promoter that I’m sorry but this is hype for me. I have been using a face sheet that entices by making huge promises of skin brightening, enhanced glow, hydrating and god knows what all. It’s true you will feel like your skin is benefitting or getting better, but it is nothing more than your inner satisfaction that you are using something which promises everything you ever wanted. 

When for the first time I used the face sheet I was very curious to see how I look with this web thing upon my face. I clicked a hell lot of pictures to flood my insta feed with. I even face-timed my friends to show that I have paid bucks to get this promising sheet. My face was happy after removing the sheet. I felt my skin went smooth.

The next time, the excitement started fading away and with the number of times I used, I gradually started expecting to see the promises come alive. Maybe I expected the result faster but I was not a pinch happy. I paid 200 bucks for just one sheet and ‘itna paisa mai itna hi milega’ concept urges me to prefer a face cream with even a 1000 buck that will stay with me for a year or two and for me a face cream works faster than a sheet. I would suggest you to go with natural face masks.

Natural Face Pack

face masks

Natural face packs are not comparable with the packeted face sheet that you buy. There is no harm in getting a natural face pack done at home or a beauty salon. I know going to a salon will cost you but at least you will get more from the salon than the face sheet. Even if you don’t feel any difference with the pack that you apply in the salon, you will get a good face massage. Getting face pack done at home with natural ingredients is the most favorable care I suggest. To prepare face packs at home you can click here

Some of the reasons for which I consider face mask sheets a hype:

  • Not scientifically proven

When approaching any dermatologist, you will never find a single one of them suggesting you, to apply a face sheet to have a glowing or healthy skin. You will always be adviced to maintain a healthy food routine or some medications, tonics, etc. but never a face sheet.

  • Expensive

Face sheets are one-time use. And by using a single sheet you will not see a hair changing. Hence it is always required to buy more than one. This is definitely a selling technique.

  • Granny didn’t use them then or now

My grandmother is really a piece of beauty. I’m not sympathizing because of her age, but truly, she is in her late 80s and even then she has got a skin that shines like an early 20s spinster. No doubt she has developed wrinkles but the luster her skin shows is to be awestruck. She never knew about or used any face mask in her whole life of 18+ less than a century, how does she have such shine still alive.


You can go and get yourself a face sheet since it is in trend and just like me get yourself some Instagram photos. This is for your satisfaction. 

  • Judge by yourself if it is worth buying these face sheets. They may work for your skin but unfortunately did not for me.
  • Decide after your experience if you are, or not satisfied with my review.

Last but not the least, keep in mind that these face masks contain a lot of chemicals that can be replaced with the usage of homemade packs of natural ingredients. I hope you will make a fair choice by keeping and overviewing all the available alternatives that you can go for without spending much.

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