We all hear people praising how their favorite product is totally organic or ‘chemical-free’. If you hear someone claiming some product being ‘chemical-free’, understand that it’s a lie. No product is chemical-free. We are going to bust some myths about chemical-free products. Read on to gain some knowledge about chemical-free skincare products you might be paying extensively for nothing.

What is Chemical?

Everything is chemical. There’s nothing which cannot be chemical. Anything that has mass and occupies space is matter. Matter consists of particles. So basically anything you can taste, smell or hold is made up of chemicals. We’re all made up of chemicals. We’re all chemicals. Even the air is also made up of the chemicals. 

What Chemical-Free Products are telling you?

So, we know what chemicals are and how we are bound to them in every way. Skincare companies often advertise their products saying it’s completely ‘organic’ and does not contain any chemical. Sometimes the whole brand name is established on the idea of their product being chemical-free. You often hear from dermatologists that too many chemicals may hurt your skin, yes, it is indeed true and valid. 

Too many chemicals can react differently on different skin types. The chemical-free skincare products you may be using make you believe that you are using a fully natural product and it is not hurting your skin. But is it really a chemical-free product? Keep reading to find out some myths and facts about chemical-free products.

Myths About chemical-Free Products

What you hear about the benefits of chemical-free or organic products might not be credible. We are going to tell you some chemical-free products myths and facts. 

1. “Chemical Free products are better than the products you are using”

We’ve all been a scapegoat of this myth that chemical-free skincare products are better than any other skin product you might be using for your skincare. Even the most popular brands use this statement to endorse their products which are nothing like what they coerce you to believe.

They can lie to their customers because they believe that consumers are gullible and do not know how science works. Lots of these brands claims are just marketing tools and don’t stand up to analysis.

2. “Chemical-made products are harmful to your skin”

This is absolutely not true. Every product that you use either it is a shampoo, moisturizer, makeup product or a facewash is made up of chemicals. There might be some natural ingredients involved but it is never chemical-free. Chemicals do not always harm your skin.

If you think, using even a small amount on your skin might damage your skin, hair or body, do not worry about it unless you have any skin problem or condition. If you have any difficulty with your skin, you should always ask a dermatologist and not believe some brand label saying “our product is the best because it’s chemical-free and won’t harm your skin”

There is no such thing as ‘all-natural’ or chemical-free cosmetic product. There are some great natural ingredients, but ‘all-natural’ or ‘100% natural’ claims are deluding. 

Chemical-Free Products
Chemical-Free Products

3. “Chemical-free product won’t have any allergic reaction to your skin”

So not true. Many of you will believe this while this is not at all factual and absolutely a myth. Every skin type is different. Different skin types require different types of treatments. If you are suffering from a skin disease or you have a sensitive skin issue you should not believe the advertisements saying this. It is a hoax.

You should avoid the ingredients in the products which may cause any harm to your skin. Choose the skincare product which suits your skin. Do not believe in chemical-free product fraud. We do not detect the label of the product and that makes a fool of us while we purchase a product. Be sure of what you buy. 

4. “Chemical-free products are expensive because they are useful”

We often believe that organic or chemical-free products are expensive because they are effective and beneficial. Just because the product you are using has some natural properties does not make it a wholly chemical-free product.

Do not spend your money on something which does the same thing as your current skincare product. They do not provide any special treatment for your skin. It is not an antidote extracted from heaven and directly delivered to you. Do not believe in this farce. 

5. “Chemical products can penetrate your bloodstream”

Sounds ominous right? Many cosmetic companies will make you believe in anything and this myth is also not true. Your body does not let every chemical penetrate your bloodstream. Some products can penetrate your bloodstreams like nicotine patches or transdermal medications but that does not mean that every chemical will penetrate your bloodstream.

Skincare products are designed to work on the uppermost layer of our skin and they definitely won’t penetrate inside your skin. So don’t worry about it. It’s safe to use it until it causes any harm to your skin. 

6. “Preservative-free means it’s better and safe to use”

Preservatives are used in most of the products so that the content of the product does not decay. They are not bad. They are sometimes essential for us to have safe and effective products.

Preservatives “preserve” the cosmetic product from the time the product is made and throughout its use; they ensure these potentially harmful microbes can’t grow and keep your products safe. If you see a product claiming it is “preservative-free”, avoid it. 

What you should actually use?

Believing in these myths are absolutely silly. When you are shopping for a skincare product, you should always consider understanding your skin type and what your skin actually needs.

Chemical-Free Products
Chemical-Free Products

Falling for products which mislead you on the grounds of being ‘all-natural’ or chemical-free products might be ludicrous. We need to stop selling stuff through scaremongering and misinformation. So don’t believe the hype these brands might be making up on people’s mind. 

These were some myths and facts you need to remember, the next time you go out to shop for your skincare. 

It’s your money, don’t spend it on the things that do not exist. 

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