Yoga is a great way to destress your mind and body. You get flexible, healthy and strong. A form of yoga that is even more beneficial is ‘Aqua Yoga’. Ever wondered if you can do yoga while underwater? Yes, you can definitely do it! 

Your body feels a lot more stress-free while in water. So, aqua yoga is a great way to destress your whole body. Not only that it is beneficial but it is also a fun way to stay fit and flexible. 

If you have a pool, even better! Invite your friends over and do aqua yoga! A great way to spend your time with family and friends. 

Read on to find out what is aqua yoga and aqua yoga benefits! 

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What is Aqua Yoga? 

Aqua yoga is a form of yoga that involves an individual performing yoga asanas in the water, it can be a warm pool or open water. It is a soothing and low impact work out which is easy to do for people who struggle with physical exercise. 

Postures in aqua yoga are mostly tweaked. It is not a classical form of yoga but performing this yoga may benefit you in numerous ways. We hold tension in our foreheads, shoulder and neck but in water, this tension is released.

It helps you relax your muscle and destress. If the water is warm, the blood circulation in our body is increased which increases the effect of this exercise. 

Aqua Yoga
Aqua Yoga

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The water level is almost up to the cheat and 70% of the body weight is taken on by the water. Aqua yoga is adapted from the principles of yoga to the aquatic atmosphere. It is a restorative form of yoga that is comforting and relaxing due to the effect on the body under the water. 

It also helps you improve your flexibility with some amazing health benefits as well. It is a great exercise for every age group, especially for old age people as it is low impact and very comforting. Aqua yoga may magnify the effect of yoga and work your muscles.

Benefits of Aqua Yoga 

Aqua Yoga
Aqua Yoga

There are several aqua yoga benefits you wouldn’t have heard about. It is not only just a fun activity you can do with your friends but also a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. In today’s stressful environment, we tend to forget about our health which is the most valuable thing. 

Aqua yoga is a fun and healthy way to restore your motivation to get your body to work for itself. No doubt, it is an easy, entertaining and mindful activity to do. So, get into the pool and enjoy the following aqua yoga benefits: 

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1. Improves Balance

Body balance is the greatest benefit you can achieve with aqua yoga. The water takes on the weight of your body which makes asanas or postures feel much simpler to do. Regular practise can give you the confidence and balance you need. 

2. Healing Effect 

Aqua effect is gentle on the body and it is beneficial in rehabilitating muscle stiffness and body pain. People with arthritis, knee replacement, hip replacement, anxiety, depression etc. may benefit from aqua yoga. 

3. Promotes Flexibility 

Yoga is known to make your body flexible. Water pressure can make the body move and stretch in ways that you won’t be able to do out of the water. This may help reducing muscle tension and stress, ultimately improving flexibility. 

4. Helps you Sleep Better 

Sleep is important for a healthy mind and body. Yoga has shown to improve your sleeping pattern. Aqua yoga can reduce stress and anxiety which causes insomnia. It also helps relieve pain and enables you to sleep like a baby. 

5. Supports a Healthy Childbirth 

Aqua yoga is a great exercise for pregnant women. This low impact yoga exercise helps strengthen leg muscles, dorsal, back and lessens pain during pregnancy. This encourages healthy childbirth and easy recovery. 

Aqua Yoga Poses 

Aqua Yoga
Aqua Yoga

Performing yoga in the water has a great and beneficial impact on your muscles and joints. Once you get started with the poses, you will get used to it. It is also effective on the mental, emotional and spiritual level. When your body weight is taken over by the water, it makes it easy to perform asanas and stretch your body.

Here are some amazing aqua yoga postures you can try: 

1. Warrior Pose III (with water noodle)

  • Start with a mountain pose, extend your hands in front of you with shoulder-width apart while resting on the water noodle.
  • Apply downward pressure on the noodle and lean forward.
  • Lift your leg behind you.
  • Square your hips and flex your foot and make sure your toes are towards the floor.

2. Chair Pose 

  • Stand in the shallow part of the water and feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower down your body so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Lift your arms overhead.
  • Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.

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3. Backbend Pose 

  • Stand a few steps away from the wall and face the opposite direction.
  • Now, grab the top of the wall and lean your back and arch your stomach.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and come to the starting position.

4. Half Moon (with water weights)

  • Starting with the mountain pose, extend your hands to the sides at shoulder level resting on the water weights.
  • Apply a low pressure to the weights and lean to the right.
  • Now, lift your left foot from the floor so that your legs are parallel to the ground.

5. Floating Tree 

  • Float on your back while extending your arms overhead and your legs extended in front of you.
  • Squeeze your thighs and rotate your right hip as you bend at the knee.
  • Slide your foot as high as you can and rest it on your right or shin.
  • Bend the elbows and press the palms over your head.

This was all about aqua yoga. If you are looking for a new form of yoga that is fun and beneficial for your body and mind, aqua is perfect for you! 

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