Apple Cider Vinegar: Everything You Need To Know

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apple cider vinegar
Anindita Bhuyan
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Yes dear, don’t you know just a shot of the liquid can help you lose weight, detoxify, reduce those spots on your chick and chins? No, it’s not any medicated formula, it is this ‘apple cider vinegar’!!

How am I so sure about that?

Okay fine, I’m not. I was bluffing all the above things,(not to take them seriously).

The apple cider vinegar is one such thing that I was always curious about ‘if it really works or how it works, what it really is, etc.etc.?’.

Let’s know what this vinegar is all about

Apple cider vinegar colloquially referred to as ACV, is a vinegar formed from apple it’s peels, flesh, cores and all. To convert apple into vinegar, it is combined with yeast from which the process of fermentation starts.

The whole process of apple cider vinegar consists of two steps:

1st Step: The yeast added to the apple breaks down the fructose (glucose)in it and form alcohol and this is called fermentation

2nd Step: The bacteria that are generated further break the alcohol into a compound called acetic acid. 

Widely accepted, it is only because of the acetic acid, that the solution is considered to contain such a huge list of health benefits. It has mycobactericidal activities, which protects from dangerous bacteria multiplication. Acetic acid is an active ingredient that is found in almost every vinegar but what differentiates the apple cider vinegar from other vinegar is the presence of Mother in it. The presence of acetic acid gives the signature sour taste and the smell.

Why is apple cider vinegar(ACV) considered healthier than any other vinegar?

When I was asked about this I said it is because of apple that it is considered healthier. Because everyone says that, ‘An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away’, and in general it is also true to every layman. In addition to this, the other thing that enhances ACV’s importance is the MOTHER. I have mentioned this mother thing earlier also, but what is Mother?

What is MOTHER in ACV

Mother in ACV is the ball like substance at the bottom of the bottle which is present in the raw vinegar or unpasteurized vinegar bottles. In pasteurized vinegar, this goopy, cobweb-like substance is filtered. Mother is the hub of all the good things. It contains a mix of all the acetic acid, fibers, bacteria, etc. hence is the healthy part of the vinegar. The presence of Mother gives the murky color to ACV.

apple cider vinegar

Health Benefits of ACV (Scientifically Accepted)

  • Aids in natural weight loss

Consumption of ACV will reduce fats in weeks, is a myth more than a fact. But the real reason that triggers weight loss is the presence of acetic acid that helps balance the high blood sugar, which ultimately leads to gradual weight loss.

  • Helps in nutrient absorption

Acetic acid facilitates nutrient uptake, such as iron. Hence it is very helpful for vegetarians to consume protein.

  • Antibacterial property

The mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis is the toughest bacteria to kill, and the antibacterial property of ACV has the power to kill that. They are also referred to as disinfectant-resistant bacteria.

  • Reduces sugar craving

They lower down our sugar needs, which is why they help in weight reduction.

  • Boosts immunity

It boosts immunity and helps in stimulating the digestive system.

  • Natural food preservative

These are some of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. 


Looking at all the health benefits and how it is formed, what I can suggest is, it will be a fad if you consume it in a huge amount only for the purpose of losing weight. Believe me, it does not work that way. It will be healthy to consume ACV in the same way you consume other kinds of vinegar. Mix it with food items as an ingredient. 

Also, you should keep in mind, consuming ACV in large amounts along with water will hamper your tooth enamel. They have a high pH level. So be aware of such things, and other than that, everything in good proportion is healthy, when ACV itself is such a superfood in itself. 

If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to depend on apple cider vinegar, just click on the link and see how to lose weight.

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