Medical issues related to our private parts can be embarrassing for us, but they need not be. The fact is that these problems are quite common. Especially anal or bowel-related issues, almost everyone has them at some point in their life and we should be more open about discussing it because they affect so many people. Anal itching can be an awkward problem; it occurs around the anus which is where the bowels open. While some research suggests it can be more common in men, it affects women too. However, don’t freak out, it could have a very simple cause or often, can be treated with medication. 

Possible Causes Of Butthole Itching

Several things might cause anal itching. Among skin-related problems around the area, you could be afflicted with eczema, where you often have dry itchy skin. This can be triggered by a few things (weather changes, fabrics, other allergens, and so on) and cause rashes and seepage. It could also be psoriasis (which causes the build-up of scale-like skin cells). 

It could be that the anal area has been subject to a lot of friction, perhaps you’ve had a rough stomach or you’ve rubbed the area too much. You could be using contaminated toilet paper or soap which you shouldn’t, or you could have wiped the area ineffectively after a bowel movement. If you’ve not been cleaning up after yourself properly, wipe gently with wet toilet paper and pat dry. Don’t wipe too hard, though. 

There could also be medical problems. You could have diarrhea or incontinence. You could have an STI or some kind of infection (sores or swelling can be an indication of this), or even piles (which is quite common and refers to swollen veins in the rectum area). You could have a small growth or an anal fissure or tumor. Or (women dread these!) you could have a yeast infection. If you suspect you have any of these, and the itching is getting quite irritating, you should consult your doctor, particularly if you have other symptoms as well.

Certain foods are said to have a relation to anal itching. Unfortunately, coffee is one of them, so if you suspect that’s a factor, you might have to cut out your morning latte for a while. Anything with a bit of caffeine in it could also cause anal itching. Tomatoes and citrus fruits are other culprits, and so are foods that are a bit too spicy. Sometimes dairy products can also cause issues.

What Should Be Done During Anal Itching?

In most cases, anal itching is inconvenient and irritating, but it’s no big deal. There might be some redness and soreness, ulcers, and a rash at most. The case where you should immediately react if there’s blood in your rectum because that might be a sign of internal bleeding. However, it could also be the result of piles (also accompanied by pain when pooping). Phone your doctor if that’s the case, or if you suspect you have an infection of some kind, which might require antifungal or antibacterial medication or cream. Occasionally anal itching might be the symptom of a much larger problem (such as diabetes, thyroid problems, or liver disease). 

Anal Itching
Anal Itching

However, in most cases, anal itching is probably a mild issue. It might even be the side effect of medication you’re already on. Make sure you clean and dry the anal area carefully, especially after you have a bowel movement. Make sure you’re thorough with your cleaning so there’s no presence of stool on your skin. 

Don’t use products that are heavily perfumed or dyed because they can affect the already irritated area. If you use toilet paper, use the soft kind, and opt for a type that doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients. Try not to rub constantly at the area, and consider a (doctor-recommended!) over-the-counter cream if it becomes very difficult to handle.  

In Conclusion

If the problem persists, you should see your doctor. If you feel stressed out, anxious, or depressed, perhaps you could see a psychologist. However, generally, anal itching tends to be a temporary issue and will probably disappear as quickly as it appeared. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, anyway, and it’s a very manageable problem in most cases.

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