We women often are conscious about how our body looks in every way. This obsession to have a flawless body began with the showbiz industries where they depict women with the perfect skin, body, hair. In reality, the picture is quite different, right? Women opt for different types of cosmetic treatments popular among celebs to achieve some level of perfection. Such is the case for anal bleaching as well.

It is generally known that it was introduced by adult entertainers where their bodies are spotless, with no pigmentation to be seen. This treatment has become quite popular and even the general public is considering going through it. 

Naturally, we all know the skin around the genitalia area mostly is darker in comparison to the rest of our bodies. But with the help of anal bleaching, the skin tone is made lighter making it even with the rest of the body. However, these effects of this treatment are temporary.

How Does Anal Bleaching Work?

According to Dr. Fouad Georges Kaado Moawad, M.D, for the treatment, the most commonly used brightening agent is Hydroquinone. Apart from this, some also use Azelaic acid, Arbutin as a topical agent to lighten the skin around the perineal area. The procedure followed for the lightening of the skin is different depending upon the technicians such as chemical peel, laser treatments, cryosurgery. It is to be noted that the treatment is done on the skin surrounding the anus and not on the anus.

How Does it Feel During Anal Bleaching?

The discomfort level while going through this treatment depends upon the type of anal bleaching treatment chosen and the expertise of the technician who will perform the procedure. Commonly, people feel a slight sensation of burning. It can be done at home as well. Several DIYs are available for it. However, doing it yourself is riskier and has severe damage to your skin if you are not able to do it correctly. 

Risks or Side Effects of Anal Bleaching 

The skin around the anal region is very delicate with sensitive skin. So, it is not advisable to apply strong chemicals in that particular area. The agents used for anal bleaching consists of toxic chemicals which may irritate, scarring with severe discomfort in the anal region. Laser treatment used for lightening the skin also has some risks of burning the skin. 

According to Dr. De Latour, anal bleaching by laser treatment may irritate the anal canal lining which may leave permanent scarring in the area. So, it is somewhat ironic in the sense that instead of making your anal region lighter it might make it worse than before. 

Anal bleaching may cause anal strictures. It means the procedure may cause the anal canal to constrict making the passage of stools difficult, followed by pain during bowel movements. Another possible side effect of anal bleaching is Ochronosis. This makes the skin black and bluish. Chemicals such as hydroquinone, mercury used for the procedure are the culprits for this side effect.

Sex and Anal Bleaching

It is advisable that if you are considering anal bleaching, you have to give up sexual activities for some time before and after going through the treatment. Sex is not advised for at least two to five days because it may lead to micro skin tears in the concerned area as a result of the friction.

Anal Bleaching
Anal Bleaching

Is Anal Bleaching Worth It?

As you canasee, anal bleaching comes with few permanent damages to the skin and other related risks as well. The side effects can be however minimized or avoided. It all depends on the doctor or technician who will be performing the procedure. According to Dr. Kaado, the area should be kept clean and shaved without any skin cuts before the procedure. 

Moreover, this treatment is semi-permanent and the skin will regain the original color with time. The desired results of anal bleaching only appear after a few sessions.  So, it would be wrong if you are thinking that you will go for this treatment and in one go you will attain the perfect butt with no pigments. 

Bottom line is, anal bleaching is done to make you look physically more appealing in the butt area. But having darker skin in that area is normal and natural. So, my thought is anal bleaching isn’t really necessary!!

Anal bleaching is ultimately an aggressive treatment with risky consequences for our health. My suggestion is being healthy is more important than opting for anal bleaching which can harm your body in one way or the other. 

Take care♥

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