All You Need To Know About Queefing Vagina

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Isha Surabhi
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Tired of vaginal farts???

Clueless about why it happens and how it can be stopped?? 

We at Voice of Woman are here this time with the rarest of the rare topic that one ever talks about that is Queefing! Women are no longer limited to the four walls of the house and so are their problems. Owing to the efforts of bringing the feminine gender to the foreground, women’s issues are no more obscure! But what about the issues which are still a taboo to talk of? Things like queefing have yet not gained the desired ground. This makes it really tough for women to understand such a phenomenon about their body, and hence find a solution to it. 

It may often happen with most of us that we experience a sort of vaginal farting. It may happen anytime ranging from the time, when you are having sexual intercourse or while you are barely walking. Especially the early morning hours witness the most of it. It is named with a thousand names out of which, some renowned ones are vaginal flatus, queefing, vaginal winding, fanny farting, etc. 

The reason why this happens! 

It is no more strange or bizarre occurrence. But the reason why it keeps on happening is something we need to understand. It happens in almost all the activities where the air gets deposited within the vagina. So, if it’s about sexual intercourse, the air may get in by way of fingering, penetration or toys used for sex. While you undergo a pelvic examination at a doctor’s place, it happens because of the usage of Speculum.

Most of the time it happens while you are on a period that is the menstrual cycle, it’s because air gets in due to tampons, pads or a moon cup, etc. Female condoms are also an active agent for the insertion of air within the vagina. For those who are actively involved in Pilates, we are sorry but vaginal farting remains to be your best friend! 

If air is trapped within your vagina, it is not necessary that it will make its way out immediately. At times, it may happen at a later stage when you laugh or sneeze or do any activity that involves vaginal jerking. 

What to do about it??? 

One can do nothing about the existence of vaginal farting. But at least one can lower the frequency at which it happens. Having penetration done at a lower frequency as compared to the faster one, you can surely avoid vaginal farting. Avoiding too much of in-depth penetration also seems a wise and helpful consideration. If fisting and dilation are the active things you do in sex, then you need to set back from it. As fisting is inclusive of a huge area and space, it traps in excessive air which may turn you off in the form of queefing. 

The second important thing is to have a fair idea of your partner’s sexual identity. You should know really well as to how your partner would behave seeing you queefing. If you haven’t had sex for quite some time, or you are the one to get deflorated, then it will be something completely new for both of you. And it is important for both of you to understand that queefing is quite a natural thing. So, it is imperative to have an understanding partner who doesn’t make things bizarre for you while you queef. 

The third way of escaping it according to experts is to go for oral sex. If you are not comfortable with how your partner makes you feel while you queef, then you can switch on to oral sex. Queefing is natural and no one has the right time, make you feel awkward about it. So, if someone does, it may be a time for you to reduce the sexual indulgence with him and withdraw the equation. Also, since oral sex doesn’t involve penetration, it is inclusive of the least amount of queefing. It may seem funny, but for some people, it is a turn on stuff to see their partner queef. 


The fourth and the best way to this is to face it normally like a large number of couples do. A large number of mature couples don’t even count queefing as they feel it be the most normal stuff ever. 

The fifth way is to get it checked with your gynecologist as vaginal farting may be related to your pelvic issues. Some women undergo pelvic floor weakness after giving birth to offsprings. The reason for this is the fact that they didn’t indulge in enough pelvic exercises before baby birth. According to Elaine Miller, physiotherapists-” Pelvic floor care is something that most women skip due to which pelvic floor weakens enough to be repaired with medication. Also, if you find it too painful to do these exercises, then it is time you consult your physiotherapist. “

When you should be worried about it???

Queefing is something more normal than the word normal itself! Okay, yes it is! Most of the time, it’s not a sign of danger. But you should be worrying if your vagina smells rotten before or after sex, or if you feel slight abdominal pain after penetration. Also, at times there may be unusual discharge from your vagina after intercourse. Never take it lightly. It is imperative to get it checked by your medical practitioner if you have just had colorectal surgery. It may even be a childbirth surgery or bowel surgery. 

Also, if you notice even a bit of feces in your vagina or notice a discharge different from urine while urinating, you should rush to your doctor. This may be a warning sign hinting towards fistula.

Shrug off that weight! 

Societal judgments are something we women are known to come over! It doesn’t worry us any more right? The same should be about queefing. Both the partners should carry on their intercoursial equation being indifferent to queefing as it’s the most natural thing ever. Especially women, shrug off that judgmental weightage. All you can do about it, in a nutshell, is go a little slow and do not rush the penetrative pace.

Rest, stay confident about yourself and sexuality

Stay beautiful 💚😘

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