Neem tree is like a blessing from mother nature and the benefits of neem are enormous. Not only its leaves but the seeds, roots, and bark as well contain important compounds that have many medicinal and beauty properties. Ayurveda is incomplete without a neem tree. Ayurveda medicines and treatment constitute of neem in several ways. Neem is the only plant with so many health benefits. Since ancient times till today, neem has been a part of so many organic home remedies.

Amazing Benefits of Neem

Here are some the herbal remedies, magical properties and health benefits of neem:

1. Tree pharmacy

Neem tree is the tree pharmacy. Neem leaves, seeds and roots are used in an endless number of medicines especially Ayurvedic. In medicines for stomach issues, skin or hair problems, neem goes in all the medicines. Not just these simple problems, neem goes in the medicines for malaria, diabetes, worms and cardio-vascular diseases. A few years back, neem has also been found with the power to cure ulcers and cancer as well. Hence, it is the pharmacy of nature that is providing medicines for many issues. 

2. Antifungal and antibacterial

Neem is the enemy of fungus and harmful bacteria's. Neem leaves are very effective in treating fungus and bacteria infections. Hence, neem is used in the medicines of warts and chickenpox. Either a paste can be made from neem leaves or one can also bath in neem water. Neem leaves are also used to protect food items from catching fungus. 

3. Neem as an insecticide

Not only for a healthy well being but neem is a solution to your household problems too. Neem is very effective in fighting with insects. Keeping neem solution dipped cotton balls near the windows keep ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and house flies away. It is nature’s insecticide. 

4. Nature’s toothbrush

When there were no toothbrushes or toothpaste, traditional India used twigs of the neem tree for oral hygiene. Even today, many people prefer to use neem twigs to clean their mouths in the morning. Due to neem’s capability of intense oral cleaning, many toothpaste brands are using neem as one of their ingredients in the toothpaste. Due to neem’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps all sorts of dental infections and diseases away.

5. Neem for healthy hair

Neem promotes healthy hair quality. Many of us are taking an organic way to keep ourselves healthy. Neem oil is used to massage the hair for a healthier and stronger scalp and silky hair. This is a great benefits of neem for hair. Neem is easily available and is good for nourishment of hair. Not just neem oil but many organic brands are making neem shampoos and hair masks for healthy hair. You can also make neem water at home to wash your hair for treating your hair with benefits of neem. 

6. Neem for healthy skin

Benefits of neem for skin is just uncountable. It is rich with antibacterial and antiseptic properties so it is great for treating acne. One can make a paste out of neem leaves and a tablespoon of honey for the same. Neem is great for burns, allergies and skin infections. Even consuming neem leaves can detoxify your body and skin. There are several benefits of neem leaves for various skin problems.


7. Stronger digestive and immune system

Having neem leaves or having juice every day can be an elixir for your health. Neem is rich in detoxifying properties and is anti-inflammatory as well. So consuming neem cleanses the system and leaves the skin all clear and healthy. Due to such rich properties of neem, many face wash brands have started using neem as one of their ingredients in their products.

8. Neem for healthy bones

Neem is a boon for healthy ones. Consuming neem on a daily basis fills up the calcium deficiency of the body. Also, massaging joints with neem oil also relieves the pain. Neem oil massage is also great for arthritis pain as well. 


Benefits of Neem Oil

Oil is extracted from neem leaves for various purposes. Here are some of the uses of neem oil:

  • Makes the hair and skin moisturized, radiant and soft.
  • Ensures the growth of thicker and stronger hair
  • It has rich anti-aging properties.
  • Boosts immunity
  • Great for body and joints pain.

Now you about the powers in neem. That is the reason why it is a sacred tree in India. Neem with its loaded benefits has all the essential properties to serve mankind. Adapt neem in your daily life to witness the benefits of neem.

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