When you’re living in an era where everything aesthetic is appraised and swooned over, you need something to make you look aesthetic as well. Aesthetic outfits are one of the things that are hyped up the most nowadays. Everyone wants to have an aesthetic Instagram feed and make their followers go gaga over their profile! But the question is that what makes you look aesthetic? We are here to introduce you all chic beauties to the aesthetic outfit 2022 edition. 

There are many different kinds of people with varying types of body and outfit choices. Talking examples, let’s say, for instance, short girls might be searching the internet for aesthetic outfit ideas for short girls or cute easy aesthetic outfits. How can we forget about the black enthusiasts who are in dire need of all-black aesthetic outfits?

Don’t you all worry. We got you covered on this part. 

Best Aesthetic Outfit Edition

We are here to guide you all through everything aesthetic you need right now to follow the trend and blow up your Instagram feed!

1. Graphic t-shirts with full sleeve inners

Graphic t-shirts are so in the trend that even without the full sleeve inners, you can rock them. Pair it with your favorite baggy jeans or a skirt, and rock those streets! Graphic t-shirts in themselves are aesthetic enough to make you look debonair.

2. Pleated skirts

Even the thought of pleated skirts makes us wonder whether they might or might not make you look like school girls. But the answer here is no! They don’t! They make you look cute and sophisticated and, most importantly, very aesthetic. Imagine yourself wearing a pastel pleated skirt with a white t-shirt or top! Damn girl, we can already tell that you’re rocking that outfit!

3. Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans have been in trend for quite a long period. But since these are back and have got everyone drooling over those, they make themselves the easiest grab for this trend. They look good with everything you decide to pair them up with. Be it a bodysuit, a t-shirt, or a crop top, they can glow up any outfit. And don’t forget about the different color options that look so aesthetic, like beige, brown, and ice blue!

4. Sweater Vests

Wear those sweater vests over any shirt, and voila! You got yourself a trendy outfit. Remember when people used to criticize Chandler Bing for wearing sweater vests? Who knew that they would catch up to the trend threat so fast! Imagine going out and people complimenting you all for something you never thought you could get appraisals for!

Sweater Vests
Sweater Vests

5. Prints

Prints make aesthetic outfits even more aesthetic when worn in the right fashion. No one said that you couldn’t wear print on print; the only thing you need to consider here is that both the prints shouldn’t be overwhelming. One should be a little subtle, and bingo! You got yourself a great fit!

Easy Aesthetic Outfits

Want to try someone simpler and with minimal effort? Yes? We have something great for you as well. 

1. Printed Shirts

Printed shirts always look great while making yourself look aesthetic. While choosing your printed shirt, make sure that the print you select is slightly bigger than usual, and big prints enhance your look.

2. Mesh Blouse

Mesh blouses look so elegant and sophisticated. Pair it with a bralette or a crop top, and top it with some jewelry. You’re good to go there! See how easy it was? The best part is that mesh tops look good with anything, be it skinny jeans, skirts, or baggy jeans/shorts.

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3. Solid Oversized Sweaters

Solid oversized sweaters also make a great aesthetic choice. You can opt for different patterns in solid sweaters and go all baggy. Or just bag up the top half and go slim below!

4. Printed Shorts

Just like we told you all, prints always work for everyone, even those who do not believe in prints. And when you carry baggy printed shorts with a skin-hugging top, it will make the other girls go bejesus over your outfit.

5. Floral Prints

Floral prints are the first things that come to your mind about aesthetic outfit 2022. Imagine yourself wearing floral and standing in a flower garden. It’s like a treat for the eyes. Flowers have been so in! And considering that you all are the flowers that brighten our gardens, why not make it more floral?

Best Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfit 2022

Want to try the girl next door look? Because we have covered the basics of how to look the part. Here we go. 

1. Pastel Colors

Which color is your favorite? You’ll appreciate soft girl outfits or accessories if you like soft pinks, purples, yellows, blues, whites, or mild pastel shades. Even better, if you like rainbows, you’ll fit right in with this aesthetic. 

2. Cozy and Soft

The term “soft” refers to more than only the pastel colors associated with the soft girl image. It also includes incredibly soft clothing and accessories to the touch, such as fuzzy sweaters! Soft textiles are a must-have in soft girl fashion.

3. Cute Shapes

The most prominent shapes in soft girl clothes include hearts, flowers, clouds, stars, and butterflies. You’ll appreciate the fun shapes popular with the soft girl style, from heart cutout tops to floral cardigans.

4. Dreamy Vibe

You’ll be able to nail the dreamy feel with ease if your head is always in the clouds! For instance, a Painting Sweatshirt with a dreamlike landscape loaded with butterflies is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a gentle feminine look. A lovely Cloud Sweater is also ideal for daydreaming!

5. The 90s and early 2000s

Soft girl dresses have a lot of 90s, and 2000s feel to them. The Troll Earrings are the epitome of the 1990s! Meanwhile, a Flower Power Crop Top has a funky pattern that harkens to the early 2000s. You may appreciate the lovely style of these decades whether you were a child during this timeframe or weren’t even born yet.

Light, soft, pastel hues are the way to go, and we’ll always encourage the soft girl aesthetic clothes look since every lady has a feminine side, and we all want to look our cutest, so why not? Soft girl fashion is a Tiktok trend, but if you’re like us and have always loved wearing charming designs and light pastel colors, this is what the girly cute styles and ensembles are made of. 

Trends come and go, but we’re digging the appearance of light tennis skirts with pastel-colored cropped tops and a basic pastel floral sundress. So we hope you will catch up on these trends after looking at the aesthetic outfit 2022! We can all agree that some of the best fashion and clothes, like these beautiful aesthetic ensembles, always have a good blend of colors.

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