Yoga is a great way to achieve your fitness goals and alleviate stress. The traditional form of yoga has a great impact on our body as well as on our mind but other young forms of yoga have more benefits. 

Aerial yoga is a unique and fun activity that has profound health benefits. You might have heard about aerial yoga in your traditional yoga class but is it worth it? How to do aerial yoga and what are its benefits? Well, all your questions about aerial yoga will be answered further in the article. 

So, if you are bored at home looking for a perfect activity for your fitness goals, aerial yoga can change your life! 

Read on to find out more about aerial yoga and aerial yoga benefits!

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What is Aerial Yoga? 

Aerial Yoga is a form of airborne fitness activity which is practised in a silk hammock swinging from the ceiling that supports your body weight. It is done mid-air and is an assortment of traditional yoga poses and pilates that oppose gravity. 

So, instead of practising yoga on a mat, aerial yoga consists of performing yoga using a silk hammock. It helps in improving flexibility and balance in the body. The silk fabric takes off the weight from your head and shoulders which makes it easier to enhance the range of motion so you can reach more difficult postures very effortlessly.  

It also helps you build strength and more stability in your body. 

Aerial Yoga Benefits
Aerial Yoga Benefits

Aerial yoga provides a total body workout for all age groups. The movements and stretches performed in this type of yoga help you tone your muscles and strengthen your joints as aerial movements release stress from the bones and muscles. 

So, we can say that aerial yoga practitioners enjoy the same benefits as people who practice traditional yoga but it is a more intense, liberating and fun way to gain additional benefits. 

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Benefits of Aerial Yoga 

The gravity-defying Aerial yoga is proliferating and intense as well. You don’t need to be a gymnast to learn this practice. Not only yoga enthusiasts but also beginners can learn and love aerial yoga. 

Aerial yoga is a new fitness trend that inspires a lot of people to achieve a healthy lifestyle through yoga. Aerial yoga has several benefits that will make you want to try it immediately. 

Here are some aerial yoga benefits you should know about: 

1. Improves Flexibility 

Suspension of your body in the air reduces the tension and increases the range of motion as you practise aerial yoga more and more.  It loosens up your muscles and lengthens the ligaments.

It also strengthens up your core muscles and also enhances spinal and shoulder flexibility. It makes you move freely by defying gravity which expands your range of motion. 

2. A Low Impact Cardio Workout 

Aerial Yoga Benefits
Aerial Yoga Benefits

If you do not want to engage in high-intensity workouts in your fitness routine or if you are a beginner you can try aerial yoga as it is a zero-impact workout that counts as cardio too! Aerial yoga may help you build muscle mass as it has strength-building benefits to the body.

 Moreover, it helps you burn a lot of calories as well. A long session of aerial yoga can be a great weight-loss work out if done consistently. 

3. Great for your Back 

Bad posture is the main cause of our back pain. Aerial yoga is great for your back muscles when it tends to heal spinal issues. Aerial yoga puts less effort on the back and stretches out your muscles, giving it a full range motion. 

This ultimately improves flexibility and posture. So, if you are suffering from back pain, trying aerial yoga can help you out! 

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4. Improves Body Balance

Aerial Yoga Benefits
Aerial Yoga Benefits

Balance and stability are great for your body to perform daily tasks as well as for your daily fitness regime. Aerial yoga consists of postures that contradict gravity that helps you improve your balance. 

At an older age, balance is very important to stay safe as you are more prone to accidents. So, it’s always a good idea to start early. 

5. Facilitates Digestion 

Aerial yoga consists of stretches and postures that are a part of a total body workout which helps in boosting your digestive system. It helps you heal digestion related issues like constipation and indigestion. 

Stretching the muscles can relax the abdomen, providing relief from irritable bowel syndrome too that is very common in women. 

6. Reduces Stress

Engaging in meditative activities like aerial yoga is a great way to destress your mind. Aerial yoga also requires focus and concentration which helps you soothe your mind in peace. 

Once you engage yourself in aerial yoga you’ll find yourself free from anxiety and stress. It helps to enhance your mood and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Tips if you are Trying Aerial Yoga for the First Time 

Aerial Yoga Benefits
Aerial Yoga Benefits

If you’ve chosen to practise aerial yoga, then there are some things to keep in mind before you start your first session/class, especially if you are a beginner: 

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  • You need to trust the hammock as most people fear that it will fall and injure you. The sling which is specifically made to hold a thousand kilos will not make you fall. So make sure to trust it!
  • Wear tights instead of loose pants or shorts. A sports bra would be great for aerial yoga and a fitted shirt would be perfect.
  • Do not eat a big meal before an aerial yoga session.
  • Do not wear jewellery.
  • The key is to relax. (That’s the whole point of yoga practice)
  • Do not perform it alone, especially if you are a beginner. Do it under the instruction of an expert.

This was all about aerial yoga and its benefits with some tips to follow if you are a beginner. Aerial yoga is great for flexibility, balance and building strong muscles. So, do not forget to try this fun and exciting fitness activity! 

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