Aditi Sharma’s Secret Behind Her Flawless Skin Revealed

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Every young girl dreams at some point in her life to become a heroine- the glamour and the allure of the silver screen are intoxicating. But not many are successful in turning their dream into reality. At just 22, Aditi Sharma is a youth icon and heartthrob of many- she already has 2 hugely successful serials yeh jaadu hai jinnka, kaleerein.

She is young and vibrant- but has an extremely pragmatic outlook towards life. The Voice of Woman caught up with this busy actress during the quarantine period and got talking on Aditi Sharma biography.

Read on to find out more.

In your TED talk at the IIT Kharagpur, you spoke how you were often ignored for modeling assignments, because you had a pear-shaped body. what do you think of the body image issue that is associated with the entertainment industry?

Well, I think the entertainment industry is evolving but I faced a lot of issues and was rejected from my own college fashion society and also at Miss Diva and a lot of other pageants because I had a pear-shaped body.

A lot of judges told me you are perfect, you are gorgeous, and I love the way you walk, love the way you talk and everything about you, it’s just that you are pear-shaped and a little chubby too.

It actually broke my heart a lot of times but then I realised: its fine, body shaming is there everywhere. Its not just the glamour industry but everywhere in the world wherever you go.

They will stare at you, pass comments and it’s not just one human- it’s everybody, who will talk about your shape, talk about how chubby you are, how skinny you are.

I hate body shaming– everybody does- but then you talk about it only. So, be confident in what you are, believe in yourself and your work, your talent will prove that your body doesn’t mean you can’t do something. You can achieve whatever you want with whatever body type. Believe in yourself and just be confident.

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You wanted to be an actress from childhood. What is your earliest memory of glamour?

I always wanted to become an actress but the first memory would be when I was 3 years old. I was shooting for “We Love You”, which had to come on DD Metro but I had to quit it because my brother was too young and Mumma couldn’t manage everything, so I had to leave it.

Then I walked for “Walk for a Cause” for breast cancer with my mother in Delhi when I was 13. I also went till Top 10 Miss Teen as well. That was the time when I was really into pageants and I wanted to do something and be in the industry.

You had attained success at a very young age. How do you handle it?

Honestly, I feel I am not that young- I see people who are 15-16 and they are doing really well- a lot of them are my friends and I feel so proud of them. It’s really huge! I was 21 when I did my first show and 18-19 when I did my first album song with Guru Randhawa,

But then I have a lot of more things to do and I have just started I feel- that’s how I honestly feel. But there are a lot of things I still have to do, a lot of things I have to achieve in life. So I have just started I feel and I am nowhere- I have to do so much. I am grateful for whatever I have achieved and it’s all because of my parent’s support and the blessing of the almighty.

I still have a long way to go!

You have become one of the most popular and well-recognised faces in the Television Industry- do you miss your old life when you could go about unrecognised?

I think Mumbai is pretty cool that you can roam out free in the street or go to the mall. You will see people staring at you but they won’t disturb you. But missing my life- I don’t think I have been on that level that I would need bodyguards in the mall. But I want to reach that level first and then miss this life. I really enjoy meeting new people & that’s why i love going out.

What does Aditi Sharma do when she isn’t acting?

If I am not acting I would be sleeping or I would be listening to music or humming some song.

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You played Roshni in “Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka” and Meera Dhingra in “Kaleerein”- which character was more challenging to portray?

I think every character is challenging in a way. As an actor, you get challenged every day. But still i think the more challenging part is Roshni right now- I have to do a lot of stunts, speak so fast and a lot of dialogues are there. It is very different for Aditi.

Meera in kaleerein was Punjabi- dhinchak-  Meera was a different kind of fun, Roshni is a different kind of fun, but both were challenging and interesting at the same time. I love them both.

You have flawless skin- what is the secret behind it?

Honestly, I am not flawless, of course, everyone has some flaws in them but I am blessed with beautiful genes.  My parents have beautiful skin and I think genes matter a lot. One should drink a lot of water and eat healthy. Your skin is what you eat, so, keep your stomach clean and stay hydrated– that’s what really helps. I am realising this in quarantine because I am eating properly.

My skin has been makeup-free, which is making me feel good about myself, about my skin and health. Also, I think flaws are pretty beautiful- like freckles are so in these days.

My flaw is probably my laugh lines. My mother tells me that even lions have laugh lines. But sometimes I don’t like my laugh lines, because I laugh so much.

But then they make me, me. So, I feel there are no flaws but whatever you are- you are beautiful. All around the world I have seen such pretty people. You are you because of your flaws.

You are beautiful no matter what. Be confident and drink a lot of water because that’s what keeps your skin clean.

What is your individual style?

If I were a fashion icon or if I was to tell people, someone, what to wear, I would just tell them to wear your comfies- whatever you are comfortable in and that’s what is important. Wear what you are comfortable in. For me, pajamas and crop tops are my thing.

If I was a style guru, I would just tell everyone to wear sneakers, pajamas, and crop tops- it’s like the best thing. Pajamas could be your track pants also.

If not an actress- what would you have become?

I wanted to become so many things- singer, RJ, DJ, performer, and so many things I had in mind. Maybe a journalist or a news reporter- life is all about exploring and I would have explored what I really wanted to do. There are so many possibilities- I could be whatever I want.

But honestly since forever- I just wanted to become an actor.

A rapid-fire:

  • High street fashion or luxury brands:  comfortable- whatever is comfortable.
  • Mountains or beach: beaches- as mountains make me nauseous.
  • What is the first thing you notice in a man: a lot of things but first would be his shoes.
  • What is a huge turn off for you: people who smell bad- especially bad odors coming from their mouth when they are talking.
  • How would you explain yourself in one word: loca chica- bindas
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What do you want to tell young girls through The Voice of Woman?

I just want to tell you all to be brave, be strong, and try to achieve what you really want to and keep working hard for it. Hope your parents are supportive. I hope if you are a parent, please support your child whether it’s a boy or girl- support their dreams.

Being a child, I would suggest to respect your parents and understand that they have a perception tooto. Keep working hard for your dreams and I am sure you will achieve them. Make tiny goals and try to achieve them all.

All the best. May God bless you. Be happy, be safe!

Lots of love and blessing!

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