Accommodation Needs– When and how to ask for it?

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Isha Surabhi
An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

Accommodation: something which is the most basic need yet something which is the hardest to ask for! There is no perfect way out to put this in front of your employer. But yes, there definitely are some factors owing to which your employer tends to pay attention to your accommodation needs. These factors are inclusive of your personality, the culture of an organization, your immediate boss and the relationship you share with them, nature and degree of your inconvenience you face in the absence of accommodation. 

So here we provide you with some key points to be kept in mind while making your request for accommodation —

CLARITY IN REQUEST:- There should be clarity in your request, about what is your need and why is it so. Every favorable information that will help you get accommodation soon, should be provided to the employer, ranging from the number of dependant members to your medical conditions, everything. 

EXACT SITUATION:- Try conveying your exact situation. There are employees who have the misconception that if they reveal themselves needy, then the employer may keep them at a biased end. But it’s not always the case. Moreover, you do not have a choice other than conveying your true circumstances. 

FALSE EXPECTATIONS:- Also, some employees tend to boast off their personal approach and sources. When asking for accommodation, avoid doing this as it may make the employer have some false expectations from you. And you may not be able to stand up to those expectations further in the long run. 

STAY PREPARED BEFOREHAND:- You should have all your answers ready in your mind that your employer may raise regarding your inconvenience, and hence the request. Because if you are not able to answer it all well, then it may leave an impression on the employer, that you don’t need it that bad. 

REASONABLE APPROACH:- It may happen that the employer provides you an accommodation alternative different from what you have on your mind. If such be the case, don’t hesitate in trying that too. 

PROCESS PARTICIPATION:- Quietude is not a good idea when discussing accommodation, try being participative in the process. If you stay actively instrumental, you may find a customized solution to your issue, otherwise, chances are that you will be provided with any random solution. 

POSITIVITY & PRESENTATION:- You should be positive enough when presenting your request. Having incorporated points like -” This is what I need to perform my best”, chances are fair enough that he will provide you with what you need. Also, try enlisting points on why you are an asset to his company. 

ASSET CANDIDATURE:- Do not hold back yourself from telling the employer how you are an asset to the company. Ranging from your overtime late-night schedules to your loyal service to the company, make him count it all. You can even take it in the direction explaining to him how your safety gets hampered while you work late at night and have to leave for your far away residence. Enlisting it all, the employer definitely would consider your request.

Though there is no perfect way to approach for accommodation but these are some general points you can definitely go forthwith. Improvising it according to your individual needs can definitely be done. And avoid hesitation as you are asking something rightful as an employee, and not as a mere needy no one. So, roll in with the utmost confidence you have! 

Good luck! 👍

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