In contemporary times we have become a lot more dependent on technology and gadgets than we ever were. Though we were in the process of becoming more and more dependent on technology, because of the pandemic all of our world moved online. People started working from home, children and teachers moved to online education and many similar jobs are being conducted from our home. No matter if we hated it or liked it we had to go digital!

Now we are moving forward with this new phase and technology is a big part still and it will be here for a long time. So, if we are to accept this new lifestyle, we should be knowing about some of the risks that come along the way. 

Toasted Skin syndrome is something that you should look out for. If you are someone who is constantly on your laptops for long periods every day you are at the risk of having this disease. Now you may ask, how can laptop cause Toasted skin syndrome? In case you want to learn more, you should continue reading. 

What is Toasted Skin Syndrome? 

Erythema ab igne also known as Toasted skin syndrome is a skin condition that is caused when the skin is exposed to heat or infrared radiation for a long period. 

Toasted Skin Syndrome
Toasted Skin Syndrome

The skin appears discolored, pigmented and itchy. A reddish-black discoloration is caused due to prolonged period of skin’s contact with heat which happens because the skin surface has certain fibres and blood vessels that get changed due to the low-grade heat.

Causes of Toasted Skin Syndrome

Toasted Skin Syndrome causes can be various.

  • Early cases

This condition is modern but not very recently discovered. Earlier people working in high heating areas such as the coal engine or boilers and even chefs complained of this disease. The areas that were often in contact with direct heat or fire turned darker than the rest of their skin. 

  • Recent times

In recent times the cases that are being reported of Toasted skin syndrome is often due to technology such as laptops. Toasted skin syndrome from laptops is very common these days. Laptops are easy to handle and can be used according to our likeness and as the name suggests it is supposed to be kept on our laps. Over time, people started working on their laptops when they placed these devices on their laps and they emit some heat that we usually avoid. 

This heat or radiation from our laptops is a way for the device to cool itself down but it is not that cooling for us. They emit these radiations that have proved to be dangerous for us and is the biggest cause of Toasted Skin syndrome. 

  • Other Reasons

There are a few other reasons that could be equally responsible for this condition like hot bottles that people use to relieve pain and for comfort but the heat from it can be a reason for you to develop this condition if you use it very often. 

Another reason could be radiators and heaters that people use in their homes, if you tend to sit near them or if you are in contact with them for long. 

Is there anything to worry about?

If Toasted Skin Syndrome is diagnosed at the earlier stages it is treatable with proper medical guidance. However, if you’ve ignored this for some time there are possibilities of it developing into something serious. 

Toasted Skin Syndrome
Toasted Skin Syndrome

If you have Toasted skin syndrome from prolonged use of laptops and your skin has reacted dramatically, you should get medical aid as it could be a kind of skin cancer such as squamous skin cancer which happens when the DNA of the cells in the outermost layer of the skin is changed and they start to multiply rapidly. 

Another condition that you could develop due to prolonged use of laptops is that you tend to form a purple lump around the area that is usually exposed to heat. This condition is known as MCC or Merkel skin cancer. 

Also, the Toasted skin syndrome can affect the lymph system that helps us to fight bacteria in our body along with the white blood cells causing a condition called lymphoma

Therefore, you should be careful while you use your laptops or else you are unknowingly exposing yourself to these skin cancers. 

Is Toasted Skin Syndrome Treatable?

To answer the question that whether this condition is treatable or not is; YES, it is. Your life, your body is yours to take care of. Now that you have learned about this condition, its causes and threats it is up to you to notice the early signs of Toasted Skin syndrome. If you are someone who has to work on their laptops for long periods of time you should keep these things in mind. 

We all know that precaution is better than cure so the first case in the treatment of this syndrome is that you should take the source away from your skin and use a hard and plain surface. If you are someone who has to work around heat make sure to take proper breaks or keep changing sides and by wearing proper clothes. If you use your laptop keep it on a surface, preferably a wooden surface while you are working. 

If you are already diagnosed with this condition you can use the advice of the doctor who can prescribe you the right medicine. This process works overtime and you may not see instant results, but that is the only way for you to treat this. Your doctor would also prescribe you a few ointments to help with the burn. 

Since it is called Toasted, your skin too will look toasted, in the initial stage you may notice that the skin that was exposed to the source has turned red or feels continually itchy, that is your clue to make a change before you develop the Toasted Skin Syndrome. 

So be careful before you start typing away! It’s better to be safe than feeling sorry for your delicate skin later.

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