Our teeth play a very important role in our lives. They help us chew food properly for digesting it smoothly. They also hold importance in having a clear speech and talking understandably. A good set of teeth also mold the shape of our face with a sharp jawline, about which people are so obsessed about these days. Besides all these good things, the most important one is they play a vital role in having the perfect smile. 

A smile with perfectly aligned beautiful teeth is worth a billion-dollar. The prettiest curve that can sway everyone in a matter of seconds. But sometimes these teeth don’t fall straight but in an undulating pattern. A set of wobbled teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence deeply. The type of smile carries can have a great influence on our personal life, social life, or even career. 

Consulting a dental expert seems viable in such cases. The dreadful thought of painful braces can however linger all this while.

Numerous helpful Orthodontic appliances

Getting a perfect smile after going through excruciating pain while few people get it naturally seems discriminative. It is probably because they are lucky or maybe you are unfortunate. Anyhow, the development in science and medicine has come to your rescue. This is where science triumphs luck. 

Many orthodontic appliances can help you fix your teeth straight and get that pearly white, straightened teeth smile. So before running for the hills and getting those painful braces, research about other orthodontic appliances. One such new addition in Orthodontic appliances is Removable Braces. Hence, instead of loading your mouth full of metal for upcoming years, consider the option of getting removable braces.

Removable Braces
Removable Braces

What are Removable Braces?

If your stars are aligning or not, one thing is for sure, your teeth are aligning and that too straight. Removable braces, as their name suggests, are a set of braces that can be taken off, unlike the permanent ones.

Every patient has a different case and requirements when it comes to aligning the teeth. This means that not every person has to go through years of unendurable pain in the mouth. New additions in Orthodontic appliances like removable braces can ease the process and get desired results for you. 

These removable braces can be removed while eating, brushing, or attending some occasion, as per the wearer’s convenience. These removable braces are made up of plastic plates and wires. The material is very soft and more comfortable than permanent braces. 

What is the Cost of Removable Braces?

Since removable braces facilitate ease, this easiness comes at an extra cost. Although, getting removable braces can be a little less expensive than the permanent ones. However, orthodontic treatment varies from person to person and so does the cost of removable braces. Every patient has different requirements and would be recommended the type of removable braces accordingly. 

These removable braces are custom-made based on the X-ray scans, dental impression, and other various tests of the patient. Thus, the cost of removable braces varies from one person to another.

Advantages of Removable Braces

The greatest advantage of removable braces is that it can be removed. Wearing permanent metal braces surely fixes our smile but wearing them for the tenure can also take our smile away. Smiling with fixed metal braces can make the wearer feel awkward and shy.

Such is not the case with removable braces. Removable braces can undoubtedly be gotten rid of instantly but even wearing them won’t make you feel conscious about flashing your teeth. 

The removable braces are made up of a clear transparent tray which isn’t very noticeable. This removable braces for adults can prove to be beneficial. Removable braces for adults can save them from the embarrassment of carrying a mouth loaded with metal and ignominy due to grinning.

Removable Braces
Removable Braces

Besides this, another big advantage of wearing removable braces is paying fewer visits to the orthodontist’s clinic. Removable braces are used for minor orthodontic problems and don’t require a paying a series of visits to consult the dentist. Thus, removable braces are painless and time-saving.

Removable Braces vs Fixed Braces: Which is better?

Everything on this earth comes with its list of pros and cons. The same applies in this case as well. The various pros ad cons of Removable braces and Fixed braces are as enlisted below-

Pros Of Removable Braces

  • Invisible Tray– One can smile without being conscious as the treatment is invisible so nobody can notice.
  • Convenient– One can take these braces out for brushing, flossing, and eating.
  • Hygienic– Since these can be taken out very easily, they can be cleaned at home and they won’t be corroded by food particles.
  • Pocket friendly– A set of removable braces may cost less than the conventional fixed braces which burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Requires Less Attention- Wearing removable braces means fewer visits and consultation to the orthodontist.

Cons Of Removable Braces

  • Treats Minor Problems– A set of removable braces is not effective on extensive orthodontic needs, it can only treat minor problems.
  • Friable– These removable braces are fragile and the trays can be accidentally broken while taking it out.
  • Avoid Consumption Of Certain Drinks– Consuming sugary and acidic drinks can damage the trays by getting trapped beneath them.
Removable Braces
Removable Braces

Pros Of Fixed Braces

  • Customizable Options– Fixed braces can be customized as per the wearer’s choice. The metal used in these sets of fixed braces can be made up of gold, stainless steel, and other clear choices.
  • Invisible Version– If you don’t want others to notice the metal, you can opt for an invisible version of Fixed Braces called Lingual Braces. It is attached to the inner side of the teeth.
  • No Possibility Of Accidents– These fixed braces can’t be taken out which can be an advantage at times. Since these can’t be taken out, one won’t forget wearing it or damage it, unlike Removable braces.
  • Effective– The success and effectiveness of these traditional fixed braces are proven over decades.

Cons Of Fixed Braces

  • Expensive– Fixed braces can be a little expensive than Removable braces.
  • Frequent Visits To The Dentist– Fixed braces require routine setting and fixing of the wirings. These adjustments can only be done by the orthodontist and hence requires frequent visits at their clinics.
  • Requires Diligence– A person wearing Fixed braces must diligently avoid eating sticky, chewy food. This type of food can get stuck in the braces and cause inconvenience and discomfort. This also comes with the responsibility of cleaning them properly and regularly.

Get your perfect smile by consulting an orthodontist and get ready to sparkle. Find your happiness right beneath your nose, in your smile.

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