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face serum
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We all desire beautiful skin. A flawless face should have no wrinkle, no mark, uniform tone and much more. It is very difficult to achieve a flawless face without makeup or surgeries.

The amount of food and water that you should have with proper nutrients is not fulfilled most of the time. Let’s learn all about face serum.

What Is A Face Serum?

The best face serums are the elixir of life. Face serum will replenish the damaged skin. It will give your pores a chance to breathe. It will make sure that there are no acne marks on your face.

The serum is an all in one thing. It works as a lotion, a cream, a sunscreen, a primer. It is everything in one. It is available in the market as gels, creams, and a liquid formula.

Face serum works just like a face oil. But it doesn’t leave your skin oily after applying a coat of it. It works as a moisturizer. It contains vitamins, hyaluronic acid and glycerine.

Benefits Of Face Serum

Face serum can be used for various purposes. Some of the benefits of face serum are listed below:

1. Anti-Wrinkle

The best face serums are mainly used to get rid of the wrinkles. Wrinkles don’t need to be a sign of ageing; not always. Sometimes it can be because of lack of moisture as well.

The serum will help your skin to get that lost moisture. As a result, your skin will appear to be beautiful as before and will feel youthful again.

2. Spot Remover

One of the best benefits of face serum is spot removal. Face serum has a special formula and ingredients. It can remove dark spots and acne marks. These marks make your skin appear darker than it is. Clear skin is every woman’s dream. You need to involve face serum in your skin care.

There are many benefits of face serum. Many women are fed up with acne marks. Acne and pimple marks are not easy to get rid of. Acne marks make your skin look dull and older. To have clear skin with a uniform tone apply face serum regularly.

Now you can get clear and bright skin easily with the right products available just a click away.

3. Let Your Pores Breathe

The whiteheads and blackheads on your nose and around the same area are difficult to deal with. Scrubbing is not enough. To get rid of those black/whiteheads you need to let your pores breathe. 

face serum

The pores get opened when you step outside. They tend to trap dust and dirt. You need to reopen these pores with scrubbing and steam. This is called exfoliation. Apply face serum to have smoother and spotless skin.

4. Prevents Skin Problems

If you have oily skin or rough skin. Face serum is your solution. It can also help you to get rid of sunburn.

How To Use A Face Serum?

Face serum for women should be used in the following way.

  • Wash your face with water. This will ensure that your face is clean. There should be no dirt or oil on your face. If you have applied makeup, remove it.
  • Apply a thin coat of face serum.
  • Gently tap on the areas where you need to moisturize. Like under eyes, nose, cheekbones, around lips.
  • Use it to gently moisturize your face.
  • Apply sunscreen if you are going to step outside with face serum on your face.

Types Of Serum

There are several types of serum depending on your skin type and the function.

  • The colour correcting serum will give you a uniform skin tone.
  • Moisturizing or hydrating serum provides moisture to your skin.
  • The antioxidant serum will delay the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The anti-ageing serum works to reduce the wrinkles once they have started to appear.

Things To Remember

There can be some side effects of serum as well. While purchasing a face serum remember these points.

Skin Type

Remember that the serum should suit your face type. Your skin might be oily or dry. Depending on your skin type there are different face serums.

Check Before Using It

It is important to check the serum before actually purchasing it. Put a drop on your hand and see if you don’t have any allergic reaction to it. If your skin is showing a reaction to it, then stop using it.

Buy Good Quality Products

Buy the best face serums. Face serum should be purchased from a reputed brand. The ingredients and chemical names should be written clearly on it. Do check the expiry date. 

Skin Disease

If you have skin conditions, then do not use it without consulting a doctor or skin specialist. Face serum for women is not meant to be applied if you have certain skin problems like allergic reactions, Contact dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, etc.

Do Not Overuse

The serum is beneficial for your skin but don’t overdo it. Use it in limited quantities and not more than twice a day.

No Colour And Fragrance

Do not use a face serum which has additional colour or fragrance added to it. The chemicals might cause skin irritation.

You can start using face serum from your late teens. It is easy to use. It is an all in one product. The face serum for women is a little bit expensive, but they are very effective.

This was all about face serum. You can pamper your skin a little bit. Do not overdo it. Keep it natural. It is very important to take care of your skin. Especially with pollution and sun damage; protecting your skin is important. Do take care of yourself and your skin.

Face Serums That Have Been Vetted By Users

With a plethora of options available it gets difficult to choose one product, especially if you are a virgin-face serum user. So, to save you time and experimentation, we have undertaken quick research of the top face serums that have been vetted by the popular mandate.

  1. Mamaearth Skin Plump Face Serum- This homegrown brand has churned out this amazing product which helps you to hydrate your skin, open your clogged pores, and helps reduce the fine lines (the first sign of ageing). Made with natural ingredients like Rosehip Oil, olive extract, coconut extract, and hyaluronic acid, unlike other products it is free from parabens, silicones, and sulphates.

You can check this product on Amazon

  1. Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum- Lakme is a trusted name in the cosmetics industry. This face serum is lightweight and you can just use it before calling it a day. This serum has been enriched with Argan oil which makes your skin look supple and moisturized throughout the day.

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  1. Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Radiance Glow Night Serum- This 100% natural and Ayurvedic face serum is a one-stop solution for all your skin maladies like early signs of aging, helps in removing acne scars and pigmentation, and the saffron and Kumkumadi helps in  skin lightening. Those who have snesitive skin can also benefit from this serum.

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