Being Friends with a doctor can give you those important yet less considered issues or things that can alert you in quite a lot of ways. Top doctors shall weigh on everything that takes into account from stinky feet to Pedicure you get done at the salon. So don’t worry if you haven’t been friends or are not filled with information regarding the same. 

Podiatrist's Advice About Feet

Let us enlist and enlighten you with the 7 things about feet that doctors mention about their friend circle.

1. Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is a tiny crack in your bone that happens due to repetitive movement, often from overuse that includes repeating jumping or walking. People usually have a misconception that stress fractures are usually a thing that happens only to athletes or sports players. However, doctors suggest that it could also happen to an ordinary person who is in a repetitive movement. It heals within four to six weeks and doctors recommend them to wear shoes with hard-soled support. In women’s cases, doctors usually recommend they take in calcium and Vitamin D.

2. Pedicure? Be Careful

When you go for a pedicure, you must take into account that you can be exposed to fungal skin infections. Yes! You read that right. The instruments used for Pedicure in a salon can be carrying germs and bacteria as it has been used on other customers as well. It is likely good if you carry your nail file and polish while visiting a salon next time. Even nail polish can be a carrier of infection, though it’s highly unlikely. The nail polish bottle is not to be worried about, the infection could be contagious through the brush that has been used on several people’s toes. Also, you can get the nail color you wish to have by taking your own or even trying out to do a pedicure at home!

High Heel
High Heel

3. High Heels are Okay to wear

Women always have apprehension about wearing high heels and if it could affect their health or feet for that matter. It is okay to wear high heels if you need to sit at a desk most of the time or if you’re heading to a party. It is actually when you stand or walk in it for a long period that causes trouble. High heels, if worn for a long time can put pressure on your Achilles tendon that may lead to overworked feet, knees, and back and also hinder your posture and balance. So try wearing it for not more than 2 or 3 hours if possible. If you do wear heels for a long time, go home and stretch your feet and tendons and then immerse your feet in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes

High Heel
High Heel

4. The secret to avoiding the Smelly feet

Most of the doctors are often asked about how to get over the smell that their feet got. It is necessary to know first how this odor is generated. In the human body, hands and feet are the glands that contain most of the sweat.  This perspiration in your feet mixed with the bacteria that your shoes or socks entail leads to a bad odor Doctors recommend soaking your feet in a warm foot bath and dropping a black tea bag in the same for 30 minutes. This will reduce the bacteria that are present in your feet and cut down on the smell.

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5. Treating Bunion

A bunion is a long bone that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe, and it is often the result of ill-fitting footwear or unstable feet. People usually worry that this elongation might need surgery. However, podiatrists suggest another way to get away with it other than surgery, a bunion bootie that is a flexible splint that pulls your big toe out so that it doesn’t lead to rubbing with other fingers. And wearing the same regularly soothe the pain and start to avoid shoes that compress your fingers together. 

6. Spots Can Be Deadly

People usually never pay attention or check around if any spots are present on their feet. Spots can be deadly if not paid attention to. So get a skin checkup from any Dermatologist in 6 months or so. And you could always try doing a self-check-up at home, always look at your frets closely between the bottoms of the feet and take into consideration if you find any dark, red spot on your skin. In your nails, you can find dark streaks or lines and even a protrusion- skin cancer can grow inside your nail and make it jut out. So see your doctor and if you catch out skin cancer it shall be curable. 

7. Pain In feet?

There might be people who experience numbness and tingling in their feet. You should right away consult a doctor for the same. This is because these symptoms can be a cause of something very serious. If you’ve feet even turn out to be blue, you could have issues with your kidneys. If your foot pains and turns red, you should immediately rush to a  doctor for a consultation as it could be a blood clot. The focus is to not panic and pay attention to the details on your feet.


So these are some of the conversations that might be shared between podiatrists and their friends. Try keeping a note of it in your daily lives to stay healthy and safe.

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