Every mother wants to protect her house and family from any health issues. She performs her best to make a shield by keeping her house super clean, feeding her children nutritious meals, and making sure her family remains fit and healthy. What to do in a situation like a coronavirus? How can you keep your family safe from the attack of coronavirus when it is so infectious and contagious?

Security Measures for Every Household

We have laid down some of the measures that must be adopted in every household so the coronavirus doesn’t knock at your door:

1. Cautious about who comes from outside

Whoever in the family has gone out for work or school or college or market they must follow certain rules as soon as they enter the house. The member coming from outside must remove their shoes outside the house since most bacteria are carried with the shoes. As soon as a member steps in from outside he/she must wash hands properly. Do not shake hands or hug the person coming from outside. Direct contact should be avoided.

2. Third-person contact

There are so many people visiting your house on daily basis like the milkman, vegetable vendor, watchman, launderer, sweeper, and so on and you interact with them and sometimes get in contact physically, which must be avoided. Try and stay physically away from any third person coming to your house and also keep your children away from them. When you touch any third person physically, make sure you wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer. The same should be the habit of your children. If you have a newborn in your house do not let your baby be picked by anyone especially the ones coming from outside. 

3. Coronavirus Symptoms in Children

Security Measures
Security Measures

4. Teach your children to not touch their eyes, nose, or mouth

Children are extra sensitive to any virus or bacteria, they must be taught these extra tips. Ask your children to not touch their nose, eyes, or mouth as the coronavirus gets inside the body through these means. 

Public Place Precautions

If you have been notified about a single case of coronavirus in your child’s school or college, make sure to not let them go for a while. Even if no case has been identified, give your child a mini bottle of hand sanitizer and ask him/her to use that after every hour. Do not let your child go to playgrounds or parks to play. Ask them to remain indoors as much as possible. Keeping your children indoors will keep them the safest. Here are some coronavirus precautions to follow at different public places.

1. Medical care

If any of your family members get ill having a cold, cough, or fever, they must be taken to the hospital for immediate assistance. It might be the attack of coronavirus but one should not take any risk. If any person gets ill, others should stay away from them as a precautionary measure. 

2. Masks

Those members of the family who just have to step out for work purposes must keep a mask with them to cover their mouth and nose. This virus enters your respiratory system through the mouth and nose only so they are covered. It is important to use a good quality mask to keep yourself 100% safe. 

3. Good stock of emergency medicines

Make sure to have a cold, cough, fever, headache, vomiting medicines in your first aid box. Do not neglect the first aid medicines. You never know who in the family gets ill so it’s better to be prepared in advance. 

4. Avoid contact with animals and eat vegetarian food

Just like humans, even animals are prone to this virus so stay away from street dogs and cows. Do not let your children touch them. If you have a pet keep him indoors and also do not physically keep in contact. Also, avoid eating non-vegetarian food as you never know if the animal you are consuming was infected with coronavirus or not. So be a vegetarian for a while. 

5. Washing your hand while cooking

Wash your hand with soap before, while, and after cooking. Make sure you also wash your hands in between handling raw and cooked food items. Keep your hands clean if you wish to keep your family protected. Also, avoid eating outdoor food as you can not predict their sanitation while the food was being cooked. 

Security Measures
Security Measures

6. Dispose of mask after every use

The members of the family who are stepping out with a mask must dispose of the mask as soon as they come back home. Even an infected mask can be the cause of illness.

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that must be taken seriously. If the sanitation of the house is kept in check then no virus can infect any of the family members. Keep your family safe by adopting the above-mentioned points. 

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