Burns can get extremely serious and agonising if not dealt promptly. It can turn out to be grave and fatal but the minor burns can be effectively treated at home.

It is quite an ingrained human instinct to get rid of the pain caused by a burn or a scald. It is crucial to relieve the pain for the victim but more importantly it is absolutely rudimentary to limit the scope of infections that tends to follow. Natural remedies for burns have been proven effective to ensure partial and even complete relief from burn wounds.

Before Home Remedies for Burns Let’s Know Types of Burns

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer! Yes, It’s a boon to be acquainted with the different types of burns that can torment us once in a while.

  • Thermal Burns: The burn that occurs when we come in contact with something hot, such as, flames or fire, hot objects (cooking pans, heated appliances etc.) etc.
  • Chemical Burns: Exposure of skin and eyes to harsh irritants such as acid, chlorine, bleach etc.
  • Electrical Burns: This happens when our body comes in contact with electric current.
  • Oil Burns: Accidental spillage of hot oil on our skin usually during cooking.
  • Frictional Burns: Due to repeated rubbing of our skin another uneven surface, our epidermal skin layer gets damaged.
  • Ice-Burns: Prolonged exposure of our skin to ice or any substance kept at a sub-zero temperature can burn our skin as well.

Best Home Remedies for Burns (Skin Burns and Oil Burns)

Burns and scalds of the relatively minor kind are common in every household. Unfortunate incidents during cooking, handling machinery or while performing outdoor activities (bar-b-que) can occur at any given time. It is only wise for each and every individual to be acquainted with these basic home remedies for burn treatments at home.

1. Wash Burn wound Under Cold Water

It is the elementary and climacteric measure for the initial treatment of almost all sorts of burns at home. (barring a few). It is advised to run cool water over the burn wound of the skin for a minimum of 20 minutes. It cools the skin down and soothes the burn. It reduces the pain considerably and prevents the burn from worsening and damaging deeper layers of our skin. However, the application of ice on burns should be cautiously avoided.

2. Cold Compresses

This is one of the common home remedies for burns on skin.  Cold compresses are advised at regular intervals to relieve the initial pain caused by a burn wound.  It partially inhibits swelling of the burnt region.

Cold Compresses
Cold Compresses

3. Get Your Skin Burns Clean 

Be it oil burns or skin burns it is absolutely essential to clean the burn wound thoroughly. The burnt area should not be scrubbed but it is recommended to use a mild antibacterial soap. Gently cleaning the burn injury prevents infection.

4. Burn blister treatment

Blisters due to burn are common. While treating burns at home it is to be ensured that they are not popped intentionally or even accidentally. It would hamper the healing process.

5. Cover the Burn wounds with Bandages

While treating burn at home a person may not need to cover minor burns with a bandage if the burn blisters are not veer, if the position of the burn means chafing is likely, if dirt can easily contaminate the skin, or if any blisters have started oozing a bandage may provide a barrier against infection. It is also to be ensured that bandages should not be sticking to the wound as that might cause adverse reactions.

Burn wounds with Bandages
Burn wounds with Bandages

6. Ginger for burn treatment

Ginger is a wonder ingredient . It is one of the natural home remedies for skin burn. In case of a minor burn, get some ginger from the kitchen. Chop the ends and press it carefully against the burnt area of the skin. It is a proven natural remedy for skin burns. 


7. Tea Can Do Wonders

It is known that drinking tea can improve your health . Researchers from around the world claim that the tannins found in the tea leaves can soothe burns in as little as five minutes making it another natural home remedy for burns on skin. After rinsing and cleaning a minor burn, place a cool and wet tea bag directly of the burnt area of the skin for relief.

8. Aloe Vera is the Saviour

Aloe Vera gel is one of the effective home remedies for a host of concerns . Aloe Vera in its gel form is extensively used as a topical remedy for burn treatment at home. It promotes circulation in our body thus assisting in the healing of the wound. Aloe Vera inhibits bacterial growth on the skin surface thereby ousting chances of infection. Its anti-inflammatory properties moderate swellings effectively. 

9. Add Salt to heal a burn blister

Oil burn can cause blisters. In case of a minor blister due to burns, it can be healed with a salt-water compress. Mix two tablespoons of salt with one tablespoon of water and place the paste thus formed on a sterile piece of cloth. Press the cloth against the wound for 45-60 minutes. Saltwater speeds up the natural healing procedure thus, an effective home remedy for oil burns.

10. Honey for burns

Yes! It can. Honey is proven to be of clinical benefit when applied to a burn injury. It quite convincingly prevents infection. Ayurveda regards honey as an effective remedy for numerous health concerns It can also soothe the epidermal layer of our skin and relieve pain.

Honey for burns
Honey for burns

11. Baking Soda Can Do the Trick

Make a paste of baking soda and water in a specific ratio of 1:10 and apply it on the burn wound as a compress. It significantly contributes in preventing an infection spread and also reduces pain while treating skin burns at home.

12. Is toothpaste good for burns?

Toothpaste is used as one of the home remedies for burns. Sodium Fluoride when applied to the burnt region of the skin can seal in heat and can also cause the growth of unwanted bacteria in the affected area. It is also considered as a common home remedy for oil burns.

13. Wrap burn wound with Plastic

Household plastic wrap is a potential home remedy for treating burns. As plastic wrap does not let the surrounding air or dirt to interact with the wound, it protects the burnt site from germs thus preventing infections. 

14. Natural remedies to treat a burn- from the kitchen

A number of common kitchen ingredients can soothe the inflammation of a burn. Ingredients such as tofu, cucumber, banana peel, grated carrot, chopped raw potato and yoghurt can provide quick relief from the symptoms of burn.

Don’t get confused between natural remedies and home remedies for burns. Natural remedies are those where the ingredient is derived from nature while home remedies for burn can even include toothpaste which is man-made.

Things to Avoid While Treating Skin Burn at Home

You should never apply these things on your burn

  • Ice: Any kind of ice such as ice bags, ice packs should not be used while treating burns under any circumstances.
  • Mayonnaise: Applying mayo on a sensitive burn can result in more suffocation to the injured skin as it may trap in heat and can be a breeding ground for bacterial growth.
  • Lemon Juice: The acidic property of lemon juice is effective as it can naturally lighten scars but it cannot be used to treat burns. Lemon juice can cause additional pain to your injured skin.

NOTE: If the burn is severe please do not wait and immediately seek medical help. Live healthy!! be happy!!

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