9 Powerhouses Of Folic Acid That You Should Consume

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Folic Acid
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All your neighbors, as well as you, are so busy pampering your health with the expensive luxurious, medicated products but for this time but let us all get a bit philomath. Getting some knowledge will help you become healthy and beautiful naturally.

Do you know anything about Folic Acid? 

No, this is definitely not something that can harm a person’s skin, they will not melt or burn down your skin cells. Contrary to this, folic acid is a type of B Vitamin. This acid facilitates your body to produce and maintain new cells and also helps to prevent changes to the DNA that may trigger cancer.

They are also advised to have during pregnancy. These acids are normally found in foods. Some of the foods that are rich in folic acid are:


Folic Acid

You can find folic acid in all the beans but the richest of all the beans that contain folic acid are the black-eyed peas. Half a cup of this pea is found to deliver 105 micrograms. Kidney peas come next of black-eyed, with 46micrograms in half a cup.

Note: Wash the beans before cooking or consuming.


Folic Acid

Broccoli is a well-known staple in may plates, maybe for you too. A cooked half cup of broccoli is rich with 52 micrograms of folic acid. It also contains other nutrients such as fiber, potassium, and vitamin C.

Note: You should prefer to have steamed broccoli instead of boiled broccoli because folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that can leach out into the water. You can also add them to the soup.


Folic Acid

This can be said to contain the hub of folic acid. With just four spears of asparagus, you will consume 89 micrograms of folic acid. Just have a rough calculation, if you consume 20 spears of asparagus you will be done for the whole day. 

Suggestion: You can chop them into tiny pieces and add to some mouth soothing salad, or you can also roast them with salt and pepper.


Folic Acid

Have you watched ‘popeye the sailor man’?

Yes, when you were in your kid zone, the cartoon that every kid loves. In that cartoon just like popeye gained energy the moment he consumes that spinach tan, I wanted to gain energy that way too. You may think that this is just an animated fun kid thing, but dear grown-up, you can be as energetic as the sailor man if you consume spinach. This is true. You can find 130 micrograms of folic acid in half-cup cooked spinach.

Note: Cooking also matters to get the most folic acid. It is said to cook spinach rather than having them raw. 


Folic Acid

If you want to have something real quick and sumptuous, then avocado will be a smart choice. With half a cup of avocado, you will be served with 59 micrograms of folic acid. You can mash it into delicious guacamole or add it to the lunchtime sandwich.


Folic Acid

Banana is one of the handy fruits that will provide you with 44 micrograms of folic acid in a single piece. If you are ritualized to have an apple a day to keep the doctor away, then add a banana to the apple. This will be more effective.

You can consume bananas in any way. You can peel them and simply have them, or cut them and have a fruit salad, or with cornflakes and milk. Any way you like to, you can.


Folic Acid

Pretty looking oranges are all over the market now. Why don’t you go and buy dozens? They are worth buying. A small regular orange will gift you 29 micrograms of folic acid. 

Remember, you should not rely only on oranges to get your folic requirements. You have to consume many oranges to fulfill your daily needed level.


Folic Acid

If you love eggs then you have a jackpot. Eggs are another great source of nutrients. One egg contains 22 micrograms of folic acid. So if you have 3 omelets together, you will be consuming almost a quarter of your daily folic requirement. You can also add a hardboiled egg to your lunch for an easy mid-day snack.

Brussels sprouts

Folic Acid

A good amount of folate can be gained from brussels sprouts. Per half cup of cooked brussels sprouts has folic acid of 47 micrograms. 

Suggestion: you can cut the sprouts into two halves, pour some olive oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper. Now roast them until they are crispy.

Say hello to all the above folic acid powerhouses. 

You can gain enough with any one of them. 

Stay smart, stay healthy.

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