Women’s bodies are different and it is true that finding a design that fits perfectly and even accentuates your body is a bit of a task. Especially when it comes to blouses all of us feel like experimenting! Sarees are the most elegant attires adorned by Indian women and with time we have seen multiple beautiful designs and trends when it comes to the blouse worn with 6 yards.

Some celebrities have been noticed wearing crop tops, bralettes, and even shirts with their sarees to give it a modern touch. This article is upping the experiment game on blouses by bringing to you some of the most gorgeous transparent blouse designs.

Women usually face a lot of insecurities especially when it comes to their upper bodies. From broad to slender shoulders, from big to skinny arms – there are wide variations and all deserve to style them up however they want to. A little bit of sheer won’t hurt anybody! Keep reading to find out the best transparent blouse designs that are worth experimenting with and trying in the festive season.

Top Transparent Women Blouse Designs

Here is the list of best transparent blouse designs:

Sheer blouse with a back cut out

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

This transparent blouse design gives you a bold and sexy avatar. A sheer blouse with a back cut out would grab all eyes!

Try keeping the look simple and effortless by not adding any embellishments or embroidery in the fabric. Keep the length of the sleeves small, or you can choose to wear it sleeveless.

Embellished blouse, transparent back, and side tie-ups

This sounds like a perfect combination for your sister’s wedding. Keep the back covered but with a sheer fabric that’s gorgeously embellished and get the Masterji to add some fabric on the lower side corners like two long ribbons to create a tie-up look.

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

If not ribbons, you can choose to go for making little bows on either side of the blouse towards the lower corners that will sit on your waist. This will add a cutesy twist to the sexy sheer fabric.

Deep V Cut transparent blouse design

If you are not very comfortable showing your bareback to the public eye, you can choose to show some skin through a sheer deep V cut at the back and a small V cut in the front.

Best transparent blouse designs

Keep this design sleeveless. For a more glam look, add some widely spaced sequins on the deep sheer V cut. And, voila! You are all set to channel your inner sexy diva!

Floral embroidered transparent blouse design

Floral designs are back in the game! And, have been trending popularly for quite some time now. This transparent blouse design is the best fit for summer weddings. Keep this one sleeveless, cover the entire back with a sheer back and get it embroidered with your favorite floral design.

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

To add more details, you can get pom-pom buttons attached or even a golden zip at the back would look great if you with a dark-colored sheer fabric for the blouse. Make sure that the color of the embroidered floral design matches with the saree. A contrasting color combination would look beautiful.

Rectangle cut sheer back with embellishments

If you want to try something absolutely different, stylish yet sexy, and if you are someone with wide shoulders this one’s for you! Keep the sleeves of the short length, and on the back cut a deep rectangle and put a sheer fabric of the same color as the rest of the blouse.

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

On the sheer fabric and the sleeves get some heavy and intricate work done, like that of pearls. White pearls would look beautiful on a pink blouse. For this transparent blouse design, choose a one-tone fabric for your blouse.

Fully sheer transparent blouse design with embroidery

This one is another combination of grace and sultry! Choose a pastel shade blouse, keep the back completely sheer with heavy work on the blouse and saree – add some embroidery on the sheer back.

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

Make sure that the embroidery is placed symmetrically on the sheer back of the blouse. For example, the embroideries can be placed at the upper left corner and lower right corner. That’s how sultry meets grace!

Floral embroidered transparent blouse design with slit cut

This transparent blouse design will add an oomph factor to your outfit. No big cuts, just one complete slit in the middle from the upper to the lower portion of the blouse that gives a little glimpse of just the middle of your back. The rest of the fabric sitting on your back will be sheer and transparent.

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

Additionally, to add some more dimension, you can get your favorite floral designs embroidered on one smaller portion of the blouse. For example, you can place the embroidery either on the upper right corner or on the lower-left corner leaving the rest of the fabric is transparent.

High neck sheer blouse design

This is for ladies who want to bare it all and yet stay covered. We have all been in that dilemma, right? If you are one of these people, worry not because we have the perfect transparent blouse design for you! Keep the entire back of the blouse sheer and choose to go for a high neck design. A high neck transparent blouse design is hot and beautiful.

Women Blouse Designs
Women Blouse Designs

For a more glam look, add some embellishments, or sequins, or pearls But, if you want to keep it simple and elegant, leave the blouse as it is. This transparent blouse design with a completely sheer and high neck pattern is perfect for women with broader backs and wider shoulders. All these variations of the transparent blouse designs would look beautiful on all types of bodies. In the end, what matters is what you are comfortable in. Here are some quick tips:

For the cut-out designs – try experimenting with different shapes for cut out. Circles, ovals, rectangles, slits – all look very stylish. Choose your style with what you find interesting. For the deep cut designs – again try experimenting with different lengths and shapes depending on your own style and comfort. V shape, U shape, deep cuts, paneled looks can give some very fun options to try on.

For embellishments and embroidery – play along with all styles and all designs when it comes to embellishments and embroidery. Polka dots, floral designs, pearls, sequins, or a mix and combination of more than 1 of these would make for some serious fun experimentation!

Happy Styling!  

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