Our society seems to continually drag us in the opposite direction from plus-size fashion body acceptance by elevating certain physical traits while dismissing others. Media and advertisements try to push this certain agenda on us by implying that only a certain type of body can be considered attractive and whoever doesn’t fit in must try their best to do it. This can lead to a culture of body-shaming especially when it comes to women, including fat-shaming, fit-shaming, dark-skin shaming, etc.

However, all these are just idealistic expectations that no one person can truly fit into. Women come in all shapes and sizes, each being beautiful in their own special way. Beauty means embracing your body, with all its awkward edges and corners. It means defining your own sense of comfort and living by it with pride. 

Today, we are going to talk about the various myths associated with plus-size fashion, which can make many women feel insecure. But the truth is that those very parts of you that you are ashamed of?

Those are the parts where you truly shine, brave, and brilliant as you are. Read on to find out just how falsely society has put limitations on your body when you were always meant to break past them and bloom.

Myths About Plus-Size Fashion

Incorrect assumptions about plus-size clothing usually stem from a culture of curating everything around a certain ideal body type, even when most women do not fall into this category. Why is it that there seems to be a larger variety of dresses available in smaller sizes? Are plus-size women not allowed to be creative and bold with their fashion choices? Can plus-size clothing not be just as experimental as smaller size clothing? 

When we address plus-size fashion myths, these are the things we should look at first, so we can expose the falseness of them. So many times we end up rejecting certain outfits just because society makes us feel like we won’t look good in them.

But having a bigger and wider body does not mean that you have to ‘settle’ for certain types of clothing. Who decides what is or isn’t beautiful? No one but you has the right to decide what you look best in. To help you on this journey of finding out what you want, we are here to tell you about certain plus-size fashion myths and just how false they are:

Myth 1: Stick to black clothing

Overly-concerned relatives or ‘friends’ may have told you to stick to black clothing to appear slimmer. But why should plus-size dressing be limited to the monochrome? Everyone deserves to dress up in their favorite colors and patterns. So, go for the vibrant and colorful hues if you want to. 

Plus-Size Fashion
Plus-Size Fashion

You can also go for louder, bolder patterns, especially the kind of clothes in which the prints are on the larger side. Through this, you will be able to bravely experiment with clothing. 

The next time someone ‘lovingly’ advises you to stick to darker clothing, break this myth about plus-size fashion by telling them that women come in all shapes and colors, and so, their clothes do too.

Myth 2: Crop tops are not a no-no

You may have heard this baseless myth that crop tops should not be a part of plus-size clothing. The main reason behind this is society’s obsession with a thin waist and a flat stomach. But even if you have a wider waist and a fuller stomach, you still have a lot of beauty to show off.

Plus-Size Fashion
Plus-Size Fashion

Pairing your crop top with the correct lower garment will make sure that it all comes well together. For example, go for shorts if you are going to the beach or the poolside, but go for a leather or denim skirt when going on occasions such as going to the restaurant. 

Myth 3: Bikinis are not an option

Bikinis are not everybody’s thing and that’s completely okay! But if you have been eyeing them all summer long, but have not dared to try them because you think they might not suit you, we are here you tell you that that is just another stupid myth!

Plus-Size Fashion
Plus-Size Fashion

Anyone can wear a bikini if they want, regardless of their body size. Go wear that neon or polka-dotted two-piece, or even a one-piece swimsuit. And if you find yourself feeling conscious about your tummy, remember that even fitness models have stomach rolls and there is absolutely nothing shameful about that!

Myth 4: Always wear oversized clothing

If you are genuinely comfortable in oversized clothing, you can always go for it and make it stylish with pants that hug your hips. However, if you believe that as a plus-size woman you should only wear loose, oversized clothing, then that is not true at all. This is just another of those myths about plus-size fashion that’s only intended to keep you limited. 

Plus-Size Fashion
Plus-Size Fashion

But you are not a creature meant to be bound in chains. So, go all out and pick out those dresses which fit your body perfectly and highlight your curves. This gives your body an added structure and also makes you look more put-together.

Myth 5: Don’t try anything with horizontal stripes 

Another one of the myths about plus-size fashion is that horizontal striped clothing should not be worn by women who have bigger bodies. However, this is false and you can wear whatever patterned clothing that you enjoy. When going for horizontal stripes, you can try going for tops with thicker strips (eg: 2 inches wide) which can be proportionate to your body, adding to your gorgeous look.  

Myth 6: Don’t go for the stilletos 

Not only do people want to put limitations on plus-size dressing, but even in the choice of footwear! The way stilettos are often portrayed in media may make you think that they are reserved for the slimmer figures. However, anyone can wear stilettos and heels as long as they are comfortable.

You can wear them just for fun, without making it super fashionable. But if you want them to go seamlessly with your outfit for a special occasion or outing, you can go for a monochromatic look with matching tights and shoes, giving you the “long-legs” look. 

Myth 7: Always cover your skin

If anyone has made you feel conscious about showing your skin, then tell them to mind their own business. It doesn’t matter how fat or thin one is, everyone looks most gorgeous when they express themselves freely. So, wear that crop top, swimsuit, or those pair of shorts and show off that beautiful skin to the sun and the rest of the world!

Myth 8: Do not experiment with the trends

As seems to be the theme of all these myths, it is somehow assumed that plus-size dressing should stray away from the latest trends. But you know what? Trends aren’t made for specific people with specific body types!

Trends are there for anyone who wants to try it. From chic to casual to full-on bold and experimental, if you find yourself drawn to it, go for it! That happiness on your face from wearing that outfit will only add to your natural beauty and brilliance. 

Plus-Size Means Plus-Expression

In the end, plus-size fashion is what you make of it. Plus-size fashion doesn’t have to be limited just to your body size. Plus-size fashion can mean plus-size confidence and plus-size expression, where you embrace the fact that there is more of you to love. Do not fall for what society tries to blast at you. Instead, listen to your inner voice and what it calls out for.

Plus-Size Fashion
Plus-Size Fashion

No one is perfect and beauty is something we all live in our own ways. You have as much right as anyone else to be free in all the ways you express yourself. 

So, the next time you like that sleeveless top or those pair of shorts? Go for it without any hesitation! 

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