If you want toned arms, do your shoulder workouts. It’ll help you build muscle so your shoulders look fuller. Exercises for your shoulders will make the muscles in that area much stronger, which will help prevent future injuries, because those joints, in particular, are very mobile. Also, if you spend a lot of time on your phone or at your computer during work, it can be very useful to do these shoulder exercises. 

8 Shoulder Workouts To Try

Your shoulders and neck hunch over and this can help to restore it to a normal position, and in time, can relieve any pains you have in that area. Here are some exercises you should try out to get your shoulders in shape.

1. Reverse Fly

A reverse fly is good for the back of the deltoid muscle. Pick up some dumbbells and stand with your feet apart. Then bend forward, till you’re at a 45-degree angle, and keep your core relatively tight, but don’t keep your arms too stiff. Lift the weights to the side until they align with your shoulders while exhaling. Don’t swing the weights; use your shoulders to lift the dumbbells. Inhale as you slowly bring the dumbbells down again. Don’t move your torso when you move your arms; hold yourself in more or less the same position.

2. Side Lateral Raise

For the side lateral raise, stand upright holding dumbbells to your sides, or slightly to the front of your body. Then slowly raise the weights to shoulder height, with your elbows slightly bent. Bring them down again. Don’t rely on momentum and make sure your body is doing the work. Also, don’t pick weights that are too heavy for you, because it might result in injury and you won’t get the benefit of the shoulder workouts. 

3. Kneeling Shoulder Press

Kneel on your right knee with your left leg bent 90 degrees and the foot flat on the ground. Keep your left hand to your side, and with your right hand, hold the dumbbell, just above the shoulder. Lift it until your arm is straight, and then bring it back down again. After 10 or 20 presses, switch to your left hand, and keep going as long as you’re comfortable.  

Kneeling Shoulder Press
Kneeling Shoulder Press

4. Dumbbell Shrug

This is a good exercise for the trapezius muscles in particular and will help to relieve tension in the spinal area. Stand with your feet apart, holding dumbbells in both hands, to your side. Without bending the arms, shrug your shoulders, going up as high as you can. Aim for the ears, even if that’s not possible. Exhale while you shrug upwards, and breathe in as you go downward.

5. Shoulder Tap

This exercise doesn’t require equipment. Take the push-up position, with your palms and toes on the ground and your body held up (plank position), and keep your feet wide. Lift your right hand and tap the left shoulder. Then put the hand down and lift your left hand to tap the right shoulder. You can continue this for a few rounds.

6. Side Plank

Lie on your right side, lifting yourself with your right arm, which should be flat on the floor till the elbow. Keep your left hand on your hip. Your hip should be parallel to the floor. Try and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds, and then you can switch to the other side. 

7. Lying Side Lateral Raise

The lying lateral raise is good for your shoulder workouts, too. Sit on an incline bench at a 45-degree angle. Hold on to the bench with one hand, and with the hand on the outside, hold a dumbbell at your hip, with your elbow out. Slowly move the weight out to the side, and then upwards (not higher than your shoulder). Try and hold it for a few seconds, then bring your arm down again.   

8. Dumbbell Raise

This is a more basic one. Stand holding dumbbells and with your feet apart. Keep your elbows straight, and the dumbbells in front of you, hanging down. Lift them till shoulder height, then open your arms outwards, but don’t change the position of your fists. Bring them down again, and repeat. Well, if you have dumbbells at your home then this can be a great shoulder workout at home. Remember to always warm up before you take on these shoulder workouts exercises. Your shoulders and arms should be toned in no time! 

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