As the weather grows colder with the approach of winter, you may find yourself reaching for the thicker, warmer clothing. Gone will be the days of sleeveless tops and shorts, replaced instead with sweaters, cardigans, shawls, scarves, etc. 

While this may be comfortable, it can often feel limiting and less fashionable when compared to summer clothing. You may be disheartened when your sweater covers your favorite shirt underneath and it can feel as if you don’t have as many options anymore. 

But that isn’t true at all, because while your sense of clothing style will change from season to season, each can be its own kind of beautiful. There are many ways in which you can add that extra magic to your winter look and be content when you smile at yourself in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with wanting to express yourself through your clothing and you deserve to wear all the colors which reflect your soul the best.

One important part of winter fashion essentials is a shawl. A shawl can keep you warm while being much less burdensome than a sweater, especially if the weather is just chilly. If you have resigned yourself to settle for a simple drape over your neck, think again! Today, we are going to tell you about different stylish ways to wear a shawl.

How to Wear A Shawl in Various Styles ?

Before learning how to wear a shawl, find out just how to identify a shawl when compared to its similar-looking siblings. Then, understand that wearing a shawl can be much more flexible and innovative than you may think.

A shawl can be draped around different parts of your body and tied in several ways to compliment the rest of your outfit. It need not be a passive participant that only keeps you warm (though there is nothing wrong with going simple if you want!). You can make a shawl an essential part of your outfit by being just a little creative with it. 

So, this winter, go all out by reading about these 7 stylish ways to wear a shawl:

1. Simple Scarf Look

This one may seem rather obvious, but simple can also be stylish if you do it right! When wearing a shawl like a scarf, drape it around your nape with one end longer than the other.

Ways To Wear Shawl
Ways To Wear Shawl

Then, bring the end around to the other side, adjusting to make sure that both ends are now of the same length. This can work better if you have a shorter shawl that you want to wear with just that extra hint of style.

2. Knotted At The Front

This is one of those unique stylish ways to wear a shawl that will leave you feeling confident in your style. For this, position the shawl behind your back and then bring the top ends to the centre of your chest, crossing them. Twist the ends and tie a knot at your front, chest or wherever you find comfortable. Remember to tuck the ends and corners in afterwards to complete the look. 

3. Knotted At The Back

Remember when we said that a shawl can be a much more active participant in your outfit? Well, knotting a shawl at your back is one of the ways to do this. For this, wear the shawl like a dupatta, except with the entire width of your shawl covering your front.

Then, take the two ends and tie a knot at the back, positioning it according to your preference. This gives the shawl a more top-like look. You can pair this with a skirt or dress if you feel comfortable doing so.

4. Linked All The Way Down

This is similar to wearing the shawl like a scarf, except with a twist, literally! For this, wrap the shawl around your nape as you would at the beginning of a scarf, tying a little loose and then do links along the length of the shawl down.

Tie the links as you would tie knots, except more loosely to accommodate multiple ones. This variation adds style to the way your shawl hands down your torso, adding a rather patterned look.

5. Cinched At The Waist

This look can go well under your coat, or if you need to hide stains or creases on your shirt. You can do this in multiple ways, by either draping it around your shoulders, draping it around your neck, or even draping it around your torso.

Ways To Wear Shawl
Ways To Wear Shawl

Then, finish the look by wrapping a belt, such as a slim belt, around your waist, essentially cinching the scarf. Through this, you can give your body the emphasize it deserves. This looks is done pretty quickly and can look amazing especially under a coat, so try it on when the weather is on the colder side.

6. Go Casual 

Wearing a shawl doesn’t always have to be complicated for it to look good. You can simply pair it with a casual look of jeans and top by draping it over your shoulders and arm. Going for neutral colours will ensure that the look blends in perfectly, while also protecting you from the cold. Thus, you get to make even the simple magical and own that winter glow as you step outside.

7. Wrap It Asymmetrically 

Lastly, learn how to wear a shawl in a way that gives you a powerful look. For this, you just need to drape your shawl around your body is an asymmetrical, loose wrap and pair it with a tailored shirt and skirt. This gives you that boss-look, especially if put on a pair of shades and power-walk your way out into the streets. 

Exploring winter fashion fully

Always remember that there are no limits when it comes to fashion. Changing your style with the weather only means that you are finding newer ways to express yourself. Let yourself experiment with different clothes, layers and colours, till you find the ones that make you bloom the most, even in the cold. 

Ways To Wear Shawl
Ways To Wear Shawl

It's okay if you don’t feel comfortable trying any of the popular looks. Remember that you can always find your ways to style those winter essentials because your beauty is yours to behold.

So, don’t be shy and fill your wardrobe with all those styles you have always wanted to try. Along with trying out different ways to wear a scarf, find out different ways to wear your confidence, too, because nothing complements good style more than the comfort of the wearer. 

Put that beautiful smile on your face as you greet the cool air and this winter, express yourself to the fullest!

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