The kitchen is that area of your home which stores varieties the most. Needless to say, it can be messed up pretty easily. The food items, the dishes, and even the ingredients, just make everything more confusing. Let’s admit this, even the thought of kitchen organization can give you a headache. While cooking itself is a tedious job, the kitchen needn’t make things tougher! No matter how the shape or size of your kitchen is, with proper organization everything will be right at your fingertips! If you thought this wasn’t possible, time for a change ladies! 

Tips for Easy Kitchen Organization

Here is how to make your kitchen more attractive and handy than ever before! 

1. Empty Them All

Be it the shelves, cupboards, or racks, empty them all. This might seem tough but once you start, will be done in no time!. To start with, separate the things you want to get rid of and the things that you want to keep. 

While exploring those cabinets, you will come across all sorts of things- the ones that you had bought at the heat of the moment, the ones that you loved but forgot about, and the ones that were missing for a long time. It might be tempting to keep them all but you need to get over the ones that can’t be used anymore. Before keeping something, ask yourself twice if you need it. If not, keep them separately and you can decide later what to do with them. 

2. Cleaning

After all this time, finally, they’re empty! No obstacles, the perfect time to clean. Take your time and clean them to your heart’s satisfaction. You might not get another opportunity like this very soon, so do not forget to disinfect them too. This is going to be your favorite step and you will be surprised by how good it feels! 

3. Arrange Them Well

Arrange the items in the cabinets or drawers near where you will use them. For example, the containers should be kept near the fridge, the bowls, and other dishes near the washer, and the cleaning essentials near the sink. Also, remember to keep the regular tableware and the guest set separately. About the tools, they should be arranged similarly. Keep the baking tools together on one shelf, the cutting tools on another, and so on. 

Tip: Use shelf liners in the drawers that contain the small and delicate tools. This will reduce friction and prevent the little items from displacing. 

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4. Correct Position

Store the things that you use regularly the closest and of course the ones that are rarely used, a bit further. However, remember to store everything in a way that you can see them. You don’t want to expire those precious ones after all! 

Correct Position
Correct Position

5. Use Clear Containers

Always go for clear containers. Just a look and you will find what you are looking for. Also, if possible, label them to save you some time because you know, you will never be “too much organized” when it comes to the kitchen organization. 

6. More Space? 

Ran out of space? Get creative! Stand aside and take a moment to assess your kitchen and decide where you can add hooks or hangers. You can hang mugs or stem racks and free up considerable amounts of space from the cabinets! You can also use drawer dividers to get easier access to the miscellaneous little things. 

7. Sort Them Out

Sorting is needed, if you are not already into it, you are missing a great kitchen organization hack. The best thing? You do not even need extra space! You can use magnetic sorters on the fridges or chalkboards on the insides of the kitchen or cabinet doors and even on the walls! It will help a lot in keeping track of the items present or required and will especially be of good use before a party. 

More Tips For Kitchen Organization

  • Try adding hooks to the inside of the pantry cabinet doors and add the measuring tools there.
  • If you have a small kitchen, you can also use floating shelves as they are compact and can be positioned wherever you want!
  • If the gap between the shelves of your cabinet is too wide, you can use stackable cabinet racks! They come in different sizes and will be of good use.

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