Girls struggle a lot with the monthly pimple that visits them. The time these pimples take to go away completely without any mark on the face is so long that the next pimple starts to pop up and we get stuck with pimple for months. Argh!!! So frustrating with so many scary marks. 

We understand you darling and hence we are here to help you out with some of the amazing remedies to prevent period pimples. Now it is your turn to say goodbye period acne and hello smooth skin!!!

Period Acne
Period Acne

Ways to Get Rid of Period Acne

With these, if not completely diminish your acne at a simple touch but you can surely prevent period pimples from disturbing your face. Here are the 7 effective remedies to period acne:

1. Stop touching your face

The very first remedy that we suggest is you should stop pampering your face too much with your hands. Let your face stay alone for at least half the day. We all are habituated to touching our faces every 30 seconds but when we do so we transfer a lot of bacteria and dirt from our hands to our faces that ultimately end up causing pimples. To prevent period pimples, you should stop doing things that trigger pimple formation, so keep your hands away from your face.

2. Clean your cell phone

One of the effective remedies to period acne is to clean your cell phones. You might not realize the extent to which your electronic gizmos are carrying germs and bacteria's on their screens that causes your jawline pimples. They are an intermediary of germs and dirt from the atmosphere to your face. If you don’t believe me, then go out and take a walk of 15 minutes. Come back home and notice your cell phone’s screen when it is locked. You will start believing me!!!

3. Take a shower after working out

This is a practice that you should adopt if you have not until now. Have a planned workout so that you can take a shower after that. If you don’t do so, sweat buildup, bacteria, and oil produced during that barre class can mix to flare menstrual acne very quickly. Having a sweaty back may even make your back prone to have acne.

4. Apply retinol cream

You can use creams that help to keep your pores clear of clogging skin cells. Some of the creams that you can go for include retinol that can be found at the drugstore, or a prescription like Retin-A, Vitamin-A. If you have a serious acne issue, it is better to approach your provider and go with prescription creams. 

Note: you should apply retinol regularly for at least eight weeks prior to assessing the results.

5. Consider Accutane

If you are suffering from acne that is severely cystic and is not at all changing shapes with other remedies to period acne, then you might require to approach a dermatologist. Chances are that you may be a candidate for prescription Accutane. But remember, for this option to be considered, you must talk to a certified dermatologist because your side effects and medical history will also be checked. 

6. Get older

With the increase in age (after 20) you start saying ‘goodbye period pimples’. This is because, after a certain age, your hormones start to decrease and one of the factors causing pimple is the change in hormone level. This is definitely not something you can achieve overnight. You need to have patience and must wait for that age limit to come. 

Period Acne
Period Acne

7. Try birth control

Birth control pills facilitate to slow down the excess skin oil production by restricting the normal increase in estrogen and progesterone that happens one to two weeks prior to menstruation. Also, you should not expect results as effective as the other woman because each human being is unique and has different abilities to respond. So for someone, this may be extremely effective, whereas for some other it may be okay sort of.

This is not something that we want to recommend. You can ask a dermatologist before you take these pills. These are some of the ways to keep period acne at bay and enjoy healthy skin.  Without any ado, go get started. 

Goodbye period acne!!!   

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