7 Safest Places In India To Travel During COVID-19

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Won't need to quarantine
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2020 was indeed the toughest year for all of us, especially due to travel restrictions. The fear of coronavirus may have made you sit at home and miss out on all the adventures. Although, now most of the restrictions have been lifted from various states in India. So, if you are planning to travel with your family, friends or even thinking of going on a solo trip, it’s time you can go to various places in India where you won’t need to quarantine. 

Several destinations in India are now welcoming tourists without any negative covid test or quarantine. So, do you want to know about some of the safest places in India during covid where you won’t need to quarantine? 

Read on to find out! 

Safest places in India to travel during Covid-19

Tourism has come to a standstill since the lockdown and now we all want to go out to some safe places in India where we can have fun after the longest and forced break. Well, don’t worry because some places in India have opened their borders for tourists to travel freely and yes you won’t need to quarantine as well! The below mentioned is the list which lays down all the safest places in India to travel during covid, so continue reading! 

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As the summer season is almost here, this is the time for some fresh cocktails, sand, sea and sun. Goa is the place to party and we can’t think of any better option to travel in India than Goa. Whether you want to have some fun at the clubs and bars around the beach and become a party animal, watch the sun and relax or take part in adventurous water sports, Goa is the best place to travel for that. Guess what? Goa is all opened for the tourists to have fun and you won’t need to quarantine as well. Also, Goa is one of the safest places to travel in India during covid. 

Won't Need To Quarantine

Make sure you pre-book the hotels and stay at state-approved and hygienic hotels. You can visit Calangute Beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus Christ, Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach. 

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This place is for all the cultural and heritage lovers. If you are planning to go somewhere with family, then Rajasthan should be on top of your list. The magnificent and grand forts, gardens, temples, parks and lakes are sure to mesmerise you. You can also visit a hill station here popularly known as Mount Abu. So, there are numerous reasons you should visit Rajasthan once. Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur are some of the must-visit cities in this state. 

Won't need to quarantine

You need to follow all the mandatory safety protocols like using sanitisers, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. There are also screenings at the entry points. So, Rajasthan is one of the safest places in India to travel during Covid. 

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Himachal Pradesh 

2020 has been a stressful year and mountains are one of the best places to travel when you are stressed and want an escape from your hectic schedule. And when we talk about mountains and hill stations, no place is better than Himachal! Not only old but also young people admire this place. The beautiful and adventurous locations and startling rivers are sure to make you fall in love with this place. Himachal Pradesh has recently opened its borders for the tourists. 

Won't need to quarantine

The travellers need to register themselves on covid19 e-pass 48 hours before their visit. Arogya setu app is mandatory and pre-booking of accommodation is also mandatory. 


Ladakh, another best place to get rid of all your worries and admire the nature around you. Ladakh is one of the safest places in India to travel during covid. Also, you won’t need to quarantine before you travel.

Won't need to quarantine

If you planned for a Ladakh trip in 2020 and couldn’t because of lockdown and coronavirus, this is the time for you to make it happen because all you need is a negative RT-PCR test, not less than 96 hours. So, why stop yourself from travelling to this beautiful and mesmerising place? 


Chandigarh is an amazing place if you love urban design and architecture. This place has won the hearts of all generations. There are numerous places for sightseeing and tourist attractions. From nature to art, Chandigarh is the best place for you to travel. The best time to travel this place is in winter, so what are you waiting for? 

Won't need to quarantine

If you are visiting for less than 72 hours, you’ll be exempted from home quarantine. There should be a self-declaration that the passenger hasn’t been outside India in the past 15 days. 


The land of Gods, Uttarakhand is the best place for religious travels and some amazing sightseeing destinations. Not only pilgrims but young tourists also adore this place. There are some major attractions including Mussoorie, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Jim Corbett, Nainital and Dehradun. So, what’s stopping you from visiting this place? 

Won't need to quarantine

There’s no entry before 7 am and after 10 pm, so plan your trip accordingly. You won’t need to quarantine but you need to present a negative COVID-19 negative test result within 72 hours. 

West Bengal 

West Bengal is one of the most beautiful places because of the great Himalayas in the north and foliage of Gangetic planes and the Bay of Bengal in the south. West Bengal is a place of natural splendours. This place is sure to mesmerise you with its beautiful places. Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kolkata are must-visit places in West Bengal. So, if you are someone who loves nature and greenery, this place is the one for you! 

Won't need to quarantine

Also, you won’t need to quarantine, if you aren’t having any symptoms. So, you need to be asymptomatic to pass the border of this beautiful place. 

These were some of the safest places in India to travel during covid. So, if you are wondering if you can travel without getting quarantined, then yes you can! These places have lifted some restrictions, so you are free to travel! However, you should be aware of all the safety protocols for COVID-19, for example, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and sanitising. 

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