Earth is beautiful no matter how hard humans try to destroy that. There are still parts of it that leave us too spellbound and in awe of its beauty like the northern lights for instance. Can we believe something so ethereal and magical happening someplace on this earth? One interesting thing similar to this is that there are some places where the sun never sets. That must sound strange but it is what it is. 

Sometimes we long for our days to be longer to be able to do as much as we can,  and in corner of this world, this wish of yours is granted. This happens because of a phenomenon that we will shortly talk about. 

The places where the sun never sets the night is yours to spend it however you want to, do as much as you can, sleep whenever you like and there’d be no taunts for sleeping till late because the sun is out all the time. 

How is it Possible?

Our Earth revolves around the sun which results in seasonal change but our sun is also a little tilted on its axis. This means that some parts in the northern hemisphere or near the arctic circle have longer days and sometimes, 24 hours of sunlight. This phenomenon is termed the midnight sun and this usually happens between April to October. 

Longer and warmer days mean that people or tourists there get to enjoy breathtaking sunsets for longer periods. Along with this, there are a lot of events that they can enjoy like late-night hikes, festivals, watch parties and so much more, you can even play midnight golf if you like. 

All these activities and festivities sound too exciting to miss. If you too are tempted to go look at this with your own eyes then here, we have a list for you of all the places where the sun never sets.

7 Places in the World Where the Sun Never Sets

Now you know that the places in the northern hemisphere and near the arctic circle experience this phenomenon but to travel there you need more information about those places. So here are some countries where you can gaze at the midnight sun and this package include only days and no nights.

places where sun never sets
Places Where Sun Never Sets

1. Norway

This is the best place where you can enjoy serene views of the glaciers and the never-ending sunbeams reflecting on them. In this place, the sun doesn’t set for 4 months that is April to July. You can have fun watching the midnight sun while sipping on some cold beer. You can also enroll yourself in wildlife night cruises and other fun activities before you go. 

2. Alaska

This place is already on a lot of people’s travel lists because of the northern lights and now you have an extra reason to travel there. Fairbanks in Alaska is one of the best places in the world to enjoy 24 hours of sunlight. The best time to visit is between May to July as the sun sets for only a few hours giving you plenty of time to explore around and have as much fun as possible. 

3. Iceland

Iceland is Europe’s second-largest island and also another popular tourist stop to gaze at the beautiful northern lights. The summertime in Iceland is exceptionally great because of the extended hours of sunlight. The ideal time to visit the place is between May to June when the sun just hangs on the horizon and you have the most beautiful golden hours ever. Along with this Iceland offers several fun activities for the tourists like 

  • Watching the Wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Midnight Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Exploring the caves
  • Excursions to National parks
  • Whale watching, etc

4. Canada

This place is a favorite of many already. It is also one of the largest countries in the whole world. Canada is popular for its chilly winters with half the country covered in ice the summers around there are a delight. It does not just mean that you have warmer days but also that you will have more time to enjoy the fun activities of summertime. In the northern parts of the country, the sun never sets for almost 50 days. You can enjoy many activities when in Canada during this time of the year like visiting the hot springs, hiking, going on road trips, bridge walks and so much more. 

5. Sweden

This one is a little less freezing if we compare it with the others that are practically like the north pole. Sweden is known for its breathtaking sceneries and landscapes. The place is an excellent choice as the days are very long from late may up until august. The sun sets at midnight and is up in a few hours. You also have a variety of activities to spend the longer days, you can go for hikes, fishing, sky watching, lowland trails and so much more. 

6. Greenland

Greenland is the closest place to our north pole and it must be freezing out there. So, if you are someone who likes to take up a challenge and plan a trip that is not so popular among the masses then you should think about taking an adventurous trip here. You will experience longer days and a lot of activities to pass your time like dog sledding and watching the never-ending sunsets. 

7. Russia

Another place to add to your bucket list where the beginning of the season of the sun commences with festivities. So, if you get a chance to visit there during June then make sure to not miss it. St. Petersburg would be the place where you must visit to experience the festival and watch the firecrackers, opera, and musicals. 

These places where the sun never sets are unbelievable concepts that you must experience at least once in your life. So, pack your bags for your next adventure, and this time you don’t have to worry about cutting down on the fun because there is no sun. 

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