Everybody deserves to do things that make them feel good about themselves like pastel hair colors to try. Be it shopping, a self-care and spa day, creating art, getting a fresh mani and pedi, or even getting your hair colored for a refreshing change of look! So ladies, don’t let anybody stop you from getting those cheeky highlights that you always wanted. And pastel hair colors are just in trend right now. Just imagine how you would rock a pastel hair look! But before you proceed with that, make sure you’re aware of all the current styles with association to getting your hair colored because regret can keep you up at nights sometimes. So, no more waiting, let’s get right to the fun part! 

7 Pastel Hair Colors To Try

Take a look at some of the best pastel hair colors that you could try: 

Pastel Hair Colors To Try

1. Pink

Pink skies and cotton candies, hmm.. what’s missing? That’s right, pastel pink hair! If you have short hair or hair till the shoulder-length, then this shade is going to suit you. You could also go for a darker shade in pastel pink with longer hair to give your hair a more suitable look. And if you’re worried about whether or not it will go with curly hair or straight hair, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about because the versatility of this color is exactly what makes it all the more in demand! So, you’re going to rock this look no matter what. 

Pastel Hair Colors To Try : Pink
Pastel Hair Colors To Try : Pink

2. Pastel Turquoise 

This soothing tone of green also has specks of coral blue and is just too beautiful. And if you’re someone who likes to wear clothing that switches between shades of black and white, then you’re in for one of the best hair colors of all time because this shade goes well with both black and white. And if you have dark hair, then a combination of pastel turquoise with a hint of sage green highlights will just look spectacular!

Pastel turquoise
Pastel turquoise

3. A Lovely Shade of Lavender 

Purple highlights just hit differently, don’t they? Especially the color lavender; this pastel shade is so beautiful that regardless of the length of your hair, long, short, medium, or even a pixie cut, it would look just as pretty. If you’re a fan of aesthetic vibes, then lavender hair color is undoubtedly your go-to option. 

4. Denim Fade

Denim fade is just a widely used name for pastel blue shade. Denim fade lowlights are highly recommended and so is going ombre! Pick the style that you feel the most comfortable with and ta-da, you can now match your hair with your favorite denim jacket! 

Denim fade
Denim Fade

5. An Infusion of Pastel Pink and Yellow

If you are an adventurous person who lives for experimenting with new things and craves change, then this hair color is just for you. And what’s better than a tacky yet aesthetic combination of pastel pink and a mellow tone of yellow! Not would this unique combination of pastels look unique and fresh, but you could also get it styled in so many different ways. For instance, you could get pastel pink highlights and have some strips of your hair in the other shade and vice versa. Or you could have one side of your hair covered in the pink shade and the other part in the yellow shade. So, take the idea of pastel hair on a whole new level with this amazing set of choices!

6. A Rich Shade of Plum

This tone is like a darker version of lavender and has a hint of burgundy to it which makes it look incredibly good, especially on naturally blonde or dark hair. 

A rich shade of plum
A Rich Shade of Plum

Plum highlights are often recommended for a darker shade of hair as it blends just perfectly and makes the hair stand out in a pop of color. 

7. Rose Gold 

Rose gold is such a lovely and rich shade of pastel hair colors. If you want to give a bold style statement or simply want a stunning new hair color, then rose gold is the shade to go for. With hints of ash blonde and pastel pink combined this hair color will completely redefine your fashion statement. And it is also easy to pull off, so that’s yet another brownie point besides the beauty of this hair color. 

Things to Consider Before Dying your Hair

As tempting as dyeing your hair pastel is, there are some things that you need to know and keep in mind before you go ahead with it: 

  • Without bleaching or lightening your hair, the color might just fade away sooner than you would expect or want it to. But if you’re naturally blond, then you’re in for some luck.
  • Although the rainbow-hued color can be done in all hair types, it can get a little difficult in curly hair, and over bleaching could also end up ruining your curls.
  • It takes a lot of time because of the repetitiveness of the bleaching and washing process and so it could even take your entire day in the salon. And in some instances, it could also take more than one session.
  • Although these shades tend to fade away quickly, some tend to last longer than other colors. But at the end of the day, it also depends on the number of times you wash it and the hair products you use.
  • And before anything else, don’t forget to cross-check your expenses because this entire process can get costly.
  • Last but not the least, there is no guarantee that the quality of your hair won’t deteriorate, so there’s always that risk involved.

Happy hairstyling!

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