Hyaluronan or more commonly known as hyaluronic acid is a substance that our body tends to produce naturally and is clear and gooey/sticky. It is found in great amounts in our skin, eyes, and connective tissue. It is even distributed throughout our neural tissues. 

But if it is naturally produced by our body, then why is there a need to consume natural sources of hyaluronic acid? That’s because it is an essential substance that not only reaps skin benefits but also because of numerous other advantages that it provides our body with. Let’s take a look at its functions and benefits. 

Why Is Hyaluronic Acid Important? 

Its highest concentrations are usually found in your joints, the fluid in your eyes, and your skin. As it facilitates regulation of the inflammation levels and signals our body to build more blood vessels as and when needed, it helps in the healing of wounds at quite a fast pace. It also has a lot of hydrating benefits as it retains water and helps in keeping our tissues moist and well lubricated; it also keeps our hair and scalp moisturized, and our lips plump.

Be it supple skin, soothing acid reflux symptoms, or preserving bone strength, hyaluronic acid serves in various ways and keeps our body healthy and well-protected. It is also said to prevent bladder pain. Many people even use it as a supplement and it is also commonly found in serums, skin-care products, eye drops, and certain injections. 

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid

How To Increase Hyaluronic Acid In The Body?

Here are 7 foods containing hyaluronic acid that will help you increase its concentration in your body. And the best part is that you can easily find them at your home! 

1. Bone Broth 

Bone broth contains both hyaluronic acid and proline, which tend to reduce the effects of skin aging and it is also rich in various other minerals and vitamins. 

Here’s a way to add this nutritious recipe to your diet. Along with your daily diet, have a bowl of bone broth as a side dish, and to make it more tasteful, you can add a variety of different herbs, spices, and mixes. You could also mix different bones while cooking it to make it even more nutritious. 

2. Citrus Fruits 

Citrus fruits are everybody’s favorite, and why shouldn’t they be? Fruits like orange, grapes, all kinds of berries, bananas, and lemons not only satiate your palate but also work amazingly for your body and are considered to be extremely healthy. Prepare a smoothie for breakfast, make a fruit salad, or infuse them in your yogurt or ice cream, either way, you have countless ways to consume them daily without any hassle! 

3. Root Vegetables 

Gather your turnips, potatoes, carrots, onions, and radishes because it's time to make a delicious veggie dish! These are some of the best foods containing hyaluronic acid and consuming them regularly will help increase a healthy dose of it in your body. 

And there are so many ways wherein you can infuse these in your regular dishes; you could chop some onions and potatoes for your broth and carrots for your soup or even for your noodles. And voila, you have at your hand, a tasty dish but super healthy too! You could even make beetroot juice and have that every morning and let it work its charm in keeping you healthy. 

4. Soy-Based Products 

These work wonders in boosting your body’s hyaluronic acid production. Soy-based foods such as soy milk, tofu, soy yogurt, etc., are extremely healthy, and hey, consuming these regularly might even lure you to try being vegan! 

5. Nuts and Seeds

Almonds, pine nuts, and cashews are both known for their beneficial properties such as protein, fiber, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid content as well. So, grab a handful of nuts while leaving your house and munch on them while you are on your way to work, or top your smoothie bowl with them; you could also eat a handful at breakfast or before sleeping. And the same goes for seeds. Pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, flaxseeds, etc., help in boosting hyaluronic acid production and are also rich in magnesium and other nutrients. 

6. Leafy Veggies 

Ever wonder how leafy vegetables are always recommended when it comes to the betterment of your health? Be it boosting collagen production or hyaluronan content, these always help. And we are all about other innumerable benefits that kale, broccoli, parsley, spinach, and such veggies have. 

Top these on your salad, have a kale smoothie or mix these in your soup, consuming these daily will help in increasing the production of hyaluronic acid in your body. Also, here’s a secret tip,  infusing these while cooking Mexican rice will enhance the flavor of your dish monumentally. 

7. Avocado 

Avocados help in boosting the production of hyaluronic acid in your body. And thanks to their other health-related benefits like vitamin and fiber richness, magnesium, potassium, etc., these help your body in so many other ways as well. Have an avocado toast for breakfast, cook an avocado egg, or better yet, use avocado oil to cook your food! Either way, including avocado in your daily meal, will significantly help your body and health in various ways. 

Also, you can simply season this fruit and have it just like that, have an avocado paste as a substitute for mayo, and prepare it in various ways! So, get creative with your food and enjoy a nutritious and yummy diet! These food items are the best and the healthiest sources of hyaluronic acid and also of various other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. So, boost your health and energy by consuming these foods regularly and see a significant and improved functioning of your body. 

Take care of your health and your body!

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