Low carb diets can do wonders to your health once they step into your lifestyle and eating habits. Grains have been considered as one of the best low carb diet foods. Various types of grains are high in fibre and are great to add in your diet if you are losing weight. Adding low carb grains to your diet is not only easy but can be delicious if you are smart enough. Grains are high in fibre so they contain a lower amount of carbs. So, do you want to know more about low carb grains and how to add them in your diet? Read on to know more about low carb grains and their benefits! 

Benefits of Opting Low Carb Diet 

Eating a low carb diet like grains with low carbs can be a beneficial option for you especially if you have a goal of maintaining your weight. Low carb diets have been a controversial matter for a long time.

Low Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet 

However, low carb diets have proven to be healthy and beneficial. The biggest benefit of having a low carb diet is it makes you lose weight easily and rapidly. Although, there’s more to it. 

A low carb diet may include the following foods: 

  • Foods are rich in protein like meat, fish and eggs.
  • Healthy fats like nuts and avocados.
  • Foods that are rich in fibre like flax and chia seeds.
  • Fruits and vegetables.

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Switching to a low carb diet can be a healthy option for you. Here are the benefits of opting a low carb diet: 

1. Satiates the Hunger 

Eating uncontrollably is an unhealthy eating habit. Munching on sugary treats, highly salty and spicy snacks can be a major cause of unhealthy weight gain. If you can’t control eating uncontrollably, a low carb diet can help you with that! Low carb diet can improve the signals of fullness. Low carb diet contains high-fibre foods that keep you full for hours and prevents you from eating uncontrollably. 

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2. Helps you Lose Weight 

Most people opt for a low carb diet than that of a low-fat diet. Considering the advantages and effects of a low carb diet on your body, it can actually help you lose weight. Limiting your carb intake to just 240 calories can help you lose weight but the key is to be consistent and keep working your muscles for losing weight. 

3. Increases Energy Levels

A low carb diet reduces the carbs in your eating routine. Your body takes a lot of time breaking down carbs especially when you are on a high-carb diet and takes more time in converting it into energy. When you switch to a low carb diet, you experience an energy boost because the less the carb intake is the more the energy your body produces. 

4. Keeps your Metabolism in Check 

Having a good metabolism in the body not only works on weight loss management but overall well being. It improves your digestion, blood pressure and also controls blood sugar levels. Having a low-carb diet by your side can actually help you stay away from the bodily ailments and your metabolism in check. 

Low Carb Grains to Add in Your Diet

Grains are amazing for overall health but low carb grains can be even more advantageous. They are a good source of fibre, carbohydrates and energy. Eating grains with low carbs ensures the proper digestion of carbohydrates and makes you feel full for a longer time. You can include low carb grains in your diet for keeping your health in check. Here is a list of some low carb grains: 

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1. Oats 


Oats are deemed to be highly nutritious and high in fibre content. They are diet-friendly, helps you manage weight and keeps your appetite satisfied for a longer time. 100 gm of oats contain 12 gm of carbs. Oats can be one of the best low carb grains to add in your diet. 

2. Rye 


Rye is also a nutrient-rich grain out there. However, it is one of the most underrated low carb grains out there. One slice of rye bread contains 15 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fibre, 13 grams of net carbs and almost 3 grams of protein. This makes rye one of the amazing grains with a low carb if you are on diet. 

3. Quinoa


Quinoa is a gluten-free grain which is high in fibre content and a protein-rich grain. It also contains a high amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which are the antioxidants that your body requires. It contains about 34 grams of net carbs. 

4. Bulgur 


Also known as daliya, this whole grain is an amazing grain for low carb diet. They are made from a type of cereal grain that is made from cracked wheat berries. It is easy to prepare and high in nutrients. 182 grams of bulgur contains 25.5 grams of net carbs. This low carb grains also contain manganese, iron, magnesium and B Vitamins. 

5. Barley


Barley is known for making beer and a wheat product that contains gluten. It is rich in fibre and keeps you full for hours. You can add it in your meals or in your soup with different veggies and cheese. One cup of barley contains 23 grams carb and 20 grams net carbs. 

6. Millet 


Millet is one of the most ancient grain which is cultivated around the world. Like other high-nutrient low carb grains, millet is also rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which can prevent you from chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Millet can be your best friend for a low carb diet. 174 grams of millet consists of 39 grams of net carbs. 

7. Couscous 


Couscous is a processed grain which is made from wheat. Couscous is low in carbs and also packed with a mineral called selenium which is crucial for good heart health, immunity and thyroid function etc. 157 grams of couscous contains 34.5 grams of net carbs. This was all about low carb diet and low carb grains. Having low carb grains in your diet can actually help you in overall well being. Eat healthy, stay healthy! 

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