A most common question which arises among teenagers and adults is how to gain weight? Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Underweight people suffer from gaining weight as much as overweight people suffer loss. Some people are skinny naturally and they are still healthy. Being underweight simply doesn’t mean you are not healthy. 

Being underweight is more common in women and girls as compared to men and boys. To gain weight does not mean you need to eat anything and in a large quantity. Even, eating in a large quantity will make you unhealthy rather than help you with this. 

You can eat a range of foods which can help you increase weight in your body. We are going to tell you a simple diet for gaining weight easily and quickly. You will get to know what to eat to gain weight and some tips too. Continue reading to find out! 

Health Problems Related to Being Underweight

Just like obese people are prone to health diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, underweight people also have higher risks of developing some equally terrifying health diseases. A healthy weight is extremely significant to reduce the likelihood of health issues occurring.

Some of the Common Health Problems Related to Being Underweight are: 

  • Eating disorders
  • Infertility
  • Osteoporosis
  • Malnutrition
  • Weak immunity
  • Thyroid problems

If you are underweight, it’s important to manage your weight to reduce the risk of any chronic disease. You can try eating particular foods to help you with the procedure of weight gain. Read on to find out what to eat to gain weight! 

Diet for Gaining Weight 

You should eat a healthy and proper diet to increase weight. You can easily gain weight if you strictly eat a balanced diet. Remember not to overeat. Overeating may cause more problems rather than helping you gain weight. Here is a list of foods you can eat to fasten your weight gain journey. 

1. Protein Shakes

Drinking protein shakes is a very effective way to gain muscles after doing a heavy workout. They help you increase weight easily and fast. Protein is the single most crucial nutrient to gain weight as muscles are made of protein and without it, most of the calories end up as fat.

Protein Shakes
Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are available as supplements or you can even make them at home. You should drink protein shakes after a heavy workout and at any other point of the day. 

2. Rice

Rice is packed with carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Rice contains about 200 calories per cup. That’s a lot for people who are trying to lose weight! Just imagine how beneficial eating rice would be for people who want to gain weight.

it fills up your tummy and it can be eaten with other high-calorie food. Eating brown rice is the best option for all those who are wondering how to gain weight and what to eat to gain weight? Rice is the best option. No doubt!

3. Milk

Milk is considered as the healthiest drink all over the world and why not? It is an excellent source of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients especially calcium. As discussed earlier, protein is a good option for people trying to gain weight and looking for what to eat to gain weight. Milk can be added throughout the day in your diet for gaining weight. 

4. Red Meat 

Consuming red meat can help you in gaining weight as red meat is a rich source of protein and fat which are absolutely necessary for gaining weight.

Weight Gain food- Red Meat
Weight Gain food- Red Meat

Steak, a type of red meat contains leucine and creatine are the two nutrients that help boost the muscles mass and increase weight. If you want something to add to your diet for gaining weight, do not forget red meat.

5. Cheese

Cheese is a yummy option for getting all the fat, protein, calcium, and calories necessary for weight gain. Full-fat cheese is the best option for a person trying to increase weight.

You can add cheese to your other high-calorie food like curries, whole wheat bread to make sandwiches. Cheese is most likely to help you in gaining weight due to its high-fat content. 

6. Eggs

Eggs also a high and rich source of protein, fat, and nutrients can be eaten regularly to gain weight. Most of the fat and nutrients are embodied in the yolk of the egg.

Plus, the egg whites are rich in protein and help you in muscle buildup. In conclusion, eating 2 whole eggs every day will help you gain muscles and gain weight. 

7. Fish

Fish is the most important and healthiest option if you seriously want to gain weight. Seafood like salmon is loaded with omega fatty acids and contains about 240 calories which makes it an amazing choice for gaining weight.

Apart from fatty acids, it includes a lot of nutrients like protein and omega-3. And the best part about it is that fish is absolutely delicious when cooked with different flavors. So no need to force yourself to eat. 

Tips to Gain Weight Fast 

Apart from the diet for gaining weight, it is good to follow these tips to gain weight healthily and quickly. They will help you gain weight quickly and effectively. 

  • Eat more calories than you burn.
  • Eat at least 3 times a day.
  • Lift weights to gain on muscles.
  • Use bigger plates while eating, it will help you eat more.
  • Get a good quality sleep
  • Stop smoking. Smokers usually weigh less than non-smokers.
  • Add a healthy amount of spices, sauces and condiments in your food rather than eating junk food.

Summing Up

If you are trying to gain weight it is first important to eat. Eat a healthy amount of good food to keep your tummy full all the time. Make sure to add proteins and nutrients to your homemade food rather than sticking to junk and fast food.

With proper eating habits and schedules, it is absolutely possible to increase weight. Gaining weight can be difficult but with proper consistency, you can surely achieve your desired weight. 

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