7 Best Baked Makeup Powder For The Perfectly Sculpted Look

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A fast swipe through your social media is all it takes to see a bunch of celebrities and influencers baking their makeup for a perfect matte finish. And while it’s not a new technique, even the most professional beauty enthusiasts may make an error while choosing the correct baking powder. 

Bright HD lights and plenty of pictures are the denominators for its celebrity fans. In the final steps of the beauty routines, celebrities (Kim Kardashian) and YouTubers (Huda Kattan) all involve baking.

What about average folks, though? In your daily routine, is there a way to make baking work? Is there a different kind of baked makeup powder for the face? Is there something called baking of eye make up? How do you opt for the best-baked makeup powder? 

Well, baking is all about practicality for anyone with oily skin or sweaty commutes than HD-ready beauty. It’s the only way to guarantee a smudge-proof concealer, let me tell you.

Baked Makeup

Baked makeup powder for face 

To know what powder suits you best there are a couple of things that you should start off with – knowing your skin type, having a skincare routine, preferable makeup look and the occasion. 

Baking works for all skin types, especially oily skin. We tend to get oil around the t-zone and forehead and baking those areas can help give you a flawless makeup look. 

With the increase in consciousness about one’s health, a skincare routine is a must, since it will not only keep your skin looking beautiful but also keep it supple and healthy. 

Follow a skincare routine, after you know your skin type, make sure you use products that are lightweight and hydrating because they are important for all skin types – oily, dry or a combination skin type. 

If you like a very natural, glowing look for your face, then use a lightweight and drug store setting/baking powder. This kind will help you give a minimal coverage while keeping your liquid makeup underneath, intact. 

If you prefer an airbrushed and matte finish, we would suggest using a high-end/luxury makeup powder. We have mentioned a couple of products – some are affordable and the others are premium. 

Baked makeup powder

General tip

Baking can is both for an alluring face or simply setting your under-eye makeup.

It is also very important that the powder does not contain silica or the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide minerals that create a flashback, giving a white look to your face in photographs. It is also required that the baking powder comes with a screw cap into which you can pour the powder.

Here are our recommended baking powders to help you on your mission for a perfect face.

1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

For an airbrushed appearance, the feather-light texture of this powder masks fine lines and imperfections. We love that the formula is oil-free, making it especially perfect for oily and mixed skin.

It can be bought right here.

2. Nyx Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder, Translucent Finish

The formula with refined pigments that seamlessly blend into the skin, giving you a smooth finish with a touch of shine.

How beautifully it spreads to your skin is what we like most about this powder-we even managed to apply it mess-free while in a car.

The light and silky formulation so it is much less likely to become dry or cakey. Our makeup appeared poreless and bright when applied in the morning.

It’s available right here.

3. Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder

This particular formula prevents clumping of the liquid products underneath, and can also be used as a colour corrector to hide the pink undertones and give that magnetic subtle glow! 

Get yourself this amazing product, now!

4. Too Faced Born This Way Setting Powder

To brighten dull complexions, this universal setting powder is ideal. It also packs a punch of hydration for smooth, safe and radiant skin, containing hyaluronic acid and coconut water. The Born This Way powder is your best choice for a flawless and lustrous finish.

Get one for yourself now.

5. L.A.GirlHD Pro setting powder (Baked Powder For Face)

This loose powder provides a luminous finish to the skin that minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

When it reaches your skin, special ingredients disperse light, producing a “soft-focus” effect that smoothens your skin’s appearance.

Buy it here.

6. Loose finishing powder – Maybelline New York Fit me!  

This foundation of featherlight powder provides a radiant, natural-looking finish and can be used for additional coverage specially designed for Indian skin tones. It is non-comedogenic for sensitive skin. 

Get one for yourself!

7. Sugar Cosmetics Powder Play Translucent Compact  

It regulates shine and offers a beautiful matte finish to the face. An add on benefit is that it can also be used for subtle baking or highlighting. A minimum application is required for this product. 

It is travel-friendly, on-the-go essential with no application spillover. Fruit oil from Rosa Canina keeps the face hydrated. It’s paraben-free, free of scent and vegan.

Available here

What you need & Steps for baking:

1. Concealer

Think of your concealer as the sous chef while transparent powder is the head of the kitchen.

2. Makeup Sponge/Makeup Brush

Once you’re finished baking, a powder brush is essential for brushing away the excess powder.

3. Translucent or barely-tinted setting powder 

This ingredient is the hero of baking!!!

4. Setting spray

You’ll want to mist your sponge with a setting spray to make sure your makeup stays put to give you the long-lasting perfection!

Steps for baking

Step 1:

To bake, the powder requires some kind of liquid solution to hold on. Start by adding your foundation or concealer.

Step 2:

Dip your Bake & Blend Brush or moist makeup sponge into the powder until your base is down and thoroughly blended and add a thick layer of setting powder (dabbing) to the areas of your face that you want to brighten and set.

Step 3:

You should be able to easily dust away any excess powder using a fluffy brush after you have set it for three to ten minutes (whatever you have time for).


If you know you’re going to need your makeup to last from dawn to dusk, we suggest letting the powder sit for up to 10 minutes, or just three to five minutes for lighter baking.

Finally, to regulate oil, you can bake on your chin and T-zone to keep your makeup looking matt and flawless. We would also suggest to bake below cheek contour, which adds more contrast and can make your contour pop.

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