Bonjour madame! There are a plethora of things that go unexplored in this huge world. A lot that is kind of a black swan event and many that are amazingly beautiful. 

Today, in this article we will be providing you insights into the stunning beauty benefits of coitus. Flabbergasted knowing this? This is true. Haven’t you noticed any change in you the next day you had loved each other? I bet you have. Stand in front of the mirror and observe your skin, hair, lips, etc. you will see the difference and ask yourself, ‘why do I look good after coitus?’.

 Benefits Of Intimacy
 Benefits Of Intimacy

The Answer To The Big Whys Of Beauty Benefits Of Coitus

A lot of you may question why getting laid offers you so many beauty benefits, or may even ask, if this is so effective why do brands have beauty products? etc., etc. 

Our Answer To The Big Whys Of Beauty Benefits Of Coitus is you stay happy. If you do not concentrate on the biological improvements provided by copulation, being happy is good enough to be a reason to have those beauty benefits. And to your surprise, coitus not only gifts you these beauty benefits but provides ample health benefits too. To know more about the health benefits of copulation you can take a quick look by clicking the link.

Now to talk about the biological reasons, the fundamental is because of the improved blood circulation to each and every part of your body. For our immune system to stay healthy it is very important to have good blood circulation. To get acknowledged with the significance of blood circulation you can as a bio student or else the world wide web is always a lifeline. Better inside implies better outside.

 Benefits Of Intimacy
 Benefits Of Intimacy

Mind-Blowing Beauty Benefits of Coitus

Here are some of the major benefits that you can gain from the coitus

1. It Can Make You Glow

Do you feel any difference in the morning after you had coitus? A lot appears to be different. The most notable of all is your skin starts to glow. Copulation is one such activity that enhances your blood circulation. Improved blood circulation helps to pump oxygen to your skin which adds to brighter and glowy skin. Continuing these activities on a regular basis will give you better results. Just the way an apple a day keeps a doctor away, an orgasm a day keeps your dull skin at bay.

2. Coitus; A Forever Young Remedy

YEAY!!! Coitus; a forever young remedy. This feels a boon. Intercourse boosts your collagen production which helps to keep your skin elastic for a longer age period. You can find no lines or wrinkles near your eyes or cheeks. So be ecstatic because coitus will keep you much younger. 

3. Heals dry skin

The beauty benefits of coitus provide you with no dry skin appearance. This is because, while copulation, you are continuously getting down and dirty and are improving your blood circulation which means your immune system is sufficiently filled with oxygen. All these help to keep your body well hydrated which as a result keeps dry skin away. 

4. No more spots

This is so much similar to the exercise you do at the gym. When you exercise, you might have noticed that with days passing, your skin starts to get clean. This is the same. This bed exercise helps balance hormones. They release endorphins also known as happy hormones which make your skin cleaner and better.

5. Unclogs pores

Getting laid is so pleasurable and you start sweating. With these sweats coming out, your pores get free from any dirt and grimes. With these, your skin starts to look healthier.

6. It makes your nails stronger

With all the characters of enhancing your skin health, your nail too will benefit. You can feel this better during pregnancy.

7. Improves your hair

Having coitus on a daily basis improves your body’s ability to make more nutrients and proteins. The fundamental of all the beauty benefits of coitus lies in the fact that they improve your blood circulation. All these help to maintain lush, long and shiny hair.

With all the above, I hope you have got the answers to ‘why do I look good after coitus?’ in a detailed manner. 

Have a safe and healthy love life. 

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