Want to know some amazing facts about the Whole30 diet??? Yet not aware of this new thing that the whole throng is talking about???  We are here with a list of 6 different things that you are sure to encounter on your way to Whole 30 diet! We all at certain intervals want to clean up our diet of the excess fatty and sugary things. None of us hate gaining their old slim self back. And hence the Whole30 diet is something we are all aware of! 

What is the Whole30 Diet Exactly?

According to a famous dietitian Justine Roth, R.D., New York City; the Whole30 diet is something that is quite different from other diets that are a fad. It is not just about losing weight and being healthy. It is comprised of a broader goal of a lifestyle restart. It is majorly a health regimen that is inclusive of the elimination of added sugars and processed food items. As its name suggests, it is a diet chart for 30 days. It is something not everyone can stick to for a longer period of time. 

Owing to the words of some other dietitians, it is much tougher than a paleo is. Also, the best thing about it is that you have to be a little strict with yourself for the initial few days. After that your body becomes habitual, and you no more want to go back to that oily foody self! Once you start, you may feel like you are facing a nutrition lack as fats have become an inevitable part of our diet. Especially the initial one week or two will be the toughest ever. 

6 Things To You Encounter About Whole30 Diet

But apart from that, there are 6 bizarre things that your body faces once you kick start the whole30 regimen! Here are those:

Euphoria: It’s funny as well as childish how most of us take our fitness regimen to the euphoric zone. But yeah! That’s how it goes. According to science, it is because our gray matter of the brain finds it really enthralling as well as astonishing when we go on a thing like dieting. Due to this euphoric effect, we are too punctual in the beginning.

But as soon as time flies, most of us become the same old self. Initially, it will make you feel light as well as at ease and non-bloated. Also, it keeps you ecstatic as you completely focus on lighter foods and whole grains. But yes, since this ecstasy doesn’t last, you have to act stern with yourself once this happiness goes out of the way! 

Sluggishness: At times, such a diet may make you feel sluggish. It’s a feeling like you have the flu and it’s your end day of the same. Your joints may feel like aching all the time, with an added sense of mild headache. If you are habitual of caffeine while you are affected by a headache, then you may feel like you have a foggy brain. But anyway the actual issue won’t get treated.

According to scientific studies, the reason for this is the fact that you are running really low on carbohydrates. Cutting on carbohydrates agitates ketosis. The processed food that we hogg, is bad for our health but at the same time, it is one of the major sources of energy for our body. But as time passes by, your body will become habitual of condensing fats to the form of ketones. So, it will be fine. 

Abdominal Dysfunctionality: Eating up healthy food like vegetables are the best thing one can do. But what if you try to eat it, all of a sudden??? Of course, your body isn’t habitual of consuming up so much of fiber. And all these different fibers have distinct roles in our human body. There are two extreme ends to its functionality, one is constipation, and the other is diarrhea.

If they catalyze the process of digestion, then you’re diarrhea, and if they slow down the process then you are stuck with constipation. But as we said above, with time, your body will adjust to the new diet, and it will be fine. Also, incorporating veggies like broccoli is the best source of fiber. So, don’t forget that! 

Guilt Conscious: The whole30 diet in itself is one of the toughest things to go on with as it restricts almost all components of your usual diet. So, it is inclusive of not just 1, but many cheat days! And after you are done with the number of cheat days that make you fall off the diet, you are into deep guilt consciousness! And this acts symptomatic to show you that you are not going well with your diet or are not going to do it for long. 

Mood Swings: When we have already mentioned sluggishness, it becomes a mandate that mood swings will exist too! The first two weeks will witness a cranky version of yourself. It is because of the carbohydrates that we consume usually are the ones that regulate serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is that hormone that keeps our mind feeling positive as well as happy. So, once we cut on carbs, this gets reduced too. Hence, it is advised that once you get on to this diet, always do things that keep you ecstatic and cheerful. It can be anything ranging from sunbath to massage! 

Whole30 Diet
Whole30 Diet

Hunger: Owing to scientific observations, it has been noted that once you are on a diet like whole30, you feel too proud of yourself and hence overestimate your health too soon. This adds up to the urge in your body to eat more. Also, most of us don’t master the art of satiation by eating up the ingredients, we can have on a whole30 diet. So, due to all of this, your body may feel too hungry and may even call you off this diet! 

What to do about it?

All one can do about it is staying stringent about it as well as preparing themselves mentally to see the good side of it. You have to habituate your serotonin to like it all. Else it becomes too tough for people to follow it. So, this becomes one of the major reasons why there is a huge number of turnovers from such a diet. So, if you want to get back to your slimmer and confident self, go on that Whole30 and don’t turn back. As far as your fiber needs are concerned, it’s a human body and can adapt to anything and everything. 

Stay healthy, stay happy 👍

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