Coffee is made from coffee beans and there are health benefits of green coffee as well , which are fruit seeds obtained from bright red berries. Berries are hand-picked when they are ripe and pulp and the beans/seeds are dried in the sun before roasting.

We all know that coffee beans are dark brown in color, but what do you think is the color of coffee before roasting? It’s Green.

Green coffee is prepared without roasting and thus contains more chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans.

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Health Benefits Of Green Coffee

1. Benefits of green coffee in regards to weight loss.

Green coffee has a variety of health benefits but one of the most important benefits of green coffee is that it helps in weight loss.

Green coffee is very light in color and is drunk without milk or sugar, just like green tea. Since green coffee contains abundant chlorogenic acid which is believed to be helpful in weight loss, it helps greatly in weight loss.

It helps in melting the unwanted fats and carbs in the body and thus aids weight loss. So, if you are thinking of drinks that will help you with weight loss? Green coffee is your answer.

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Health Benefits Of Green Coffee

2. Helps in boosting metabolism.

A lot of us don’t know the fact that weight loss becomes easier when metabolism is higher. The higher the metabolism the more you can eat without gaining weight and the faster you’ll lose weight.

And guess what? Green coffee is the perfect drink that will help you increase your metabolism. Chlorogenic acid present in green coffee helps with digestion.

It helps in reducing the excessive release of glucose from the liver into the blood and our body starts burning fat cells and turns to glucose reserves to fulfill energy requirements.

3. Helps in lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol. 

According to several types of research, green coffee beans help in lowering the inflammation rate which has encouraging effects on blood sugar levels. 

Green coffee beans also act as natural detoxifiers and help greatly in cleansing toxins from the body and help make it free from extra salts, fats, and bad cholesterol.

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4. Green coffee contains anti-aging properties.

Many kinds of research, over the years, have proved that the high presence of antioxidants in green coffee, specifically chlorogenic acid, slows down the effects of aging.

The high content of chlorogenic acid nourishes and moisturizes our skin to stop sagging, discoloration, and other severe damages.

5. Improves energy levels, focus and moods.

Health Benefits Of Green Coffee

It is scientifically proven that caffeine has a surprisingly great effect on the mind and body. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and upon reaching the brain lets other natural stimulants run wild thus making you more alert, providing you with a mood boost and less boredom.

Although green coffee doesn’t contain as much caffeine as black coffee or milk coffee does, it still contains enough to make our brain alert, and thus drinking green coffee can benefit in improving energy levels, focus, and moods.

6. Green coffee helps in suppressing appetite.

Do you get hungry often but your diet doesn’t allow you to munch extra? Well, that’s a problem with almost everyone and what’s even harder is to control that hunger, so what should one do in this case? Don’t worry, we have you sorted on this one too.

Green coffee is an active appetite suppressor, coffee is one of the heaviest drinks one can have. Although green coffee isn’t half as heavy as milk coffee is, it can still make a person feel full which will eventually help in controlling your appetite and gradually lead to weight loss.

Does green coffee have any side effects?

Even though green coffee contains much less caffeine than normal coffee does, excessive amounts of green coffee can lead to problems like insomnia, nausea, restlessness, increased heart and breathing rates, etc.

For people who have problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, it is advisable to consult a doctor before consumption of green coffee.

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How often and when should one drink green coffee?

Doesn’t matter how beneficial or good a drink is, there’s always a proper and right time to drink it, similarly even though there are several benefits of drinking green coffee, it is advisable to drink it before your meals, i.e, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can either have it twice a day or thrice a day according to what your body demands or can handle but it is highly advisable to consult a doctor for the proper guidance.

What does green coffee taste like?

Green coffee is nothing like regular coffee, it’s more like herbal tea without a particular taste. If you are used to drinking green tea, then you might find the taste similar and unproblematic but if you try it for the first time, then it might be a tough job for you.

Green coffee somewhat tastes bitter and has the smell of herbal tea as well, so the best way to consume it if you are new will be to directly gulp it down without smelling.

How much does green coffee cost and where to find it?

Different shops and different brands differ in prices mostly but an average green coffee costs between 4.11 USD to 6.12 USD.

You can find green coffee in any nearby tea store or can order online on websites like Amazon or Femmart.