Vomiting is one of the body’s natural défences against various germs, poisons, and drugs. Inducing vomiting is not quite pleasing and it is not a good idea to induce vomiting again and again as it can lead to some health problems you don’t want. Vomiting can be voluntary or involuntary. To make yourself puke for certain reasons is what involuntary vomiting is. That doesn’t mean vomiting constantly is good, it can put you at some greater health risks. However, if a person consumes poison, it becomes important to puke it out. So, do you want to know how to induce vomiting? Well, we have some easy ways to induce vomiting. Read on to find out! 

Reasons Why People Induce Vomiting/ Involuntary Vomiting

To make yourself throw isn’t quite something people would do for fun. Right? It feels pretty miserable to vomit for some people. But, for some reason vomiting becomes forceful and you need to induce vomiting to keep yourself safe. It might sound a little shocking and unpleasant that people force themselves to vomit. Yes, they do! Here are some reasons why people induce vomiting: 

1. Eating Disorders 

Eating disorders are the most common reason why people induce vomiting. People who are diet conscious or who are not confident about their body force themselves to vomit so they do not gain weight after eating excessive food. This way they avoid fat and stop the stomach from growing chunky. However, this can lead to some health-related problems. 

2. Nausea 

Feeling nauseous is a common reason you might get tempted to make yourself throw up. Nausea can lead to headaches, dizziness, and sometimes a feeling of fullness which tempts you to vomit so you can feel some relief. Regardless, this method doesn’t help much. It can do more harm than any good. 


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3. Swallowing something harmful 

Sometimes, when you unknowingly put something poisonous or something harmful, you may want to induce vomiting to keep yourself safe. However, it is important to note that if you swallow something harmful, you should first call the emergency or your doctor and do what they tell you instead of making yourself throw up. 

Is it Okay to Induce yourself to Vomit?

It depends on the situation you are facing. If you are suffering from indigestion or food poisoning, making yourself puke can help you get some relief. However, it is not good to induce vomiting again and again. It can make you feel lighter and better instantly but doing it constantly and every day is something very problematic.

Induce Vomiting?
Induce Vomiting

Inducing vomiting because of eating disorders, nausea and other reasons can be extremely harmful. The repetitive attempts of making yourself throw up can put a strain on the esophagus and upper respiratory system and sometimes it may cause dehydration. 

How Can You Induce Vomiting? 

It is quite difficult for some people to make themselves throw up and sometimes a doctor would suggest vomiting but in very rare cases. So, if you want to know how to make yourself puke, here are some easy ways to do so: 

1. Use A Toothbrush 

Yes, your regular toothbrush can induce you to vomit. If you have a gag reflex, vomiting becomes even easy with this method. Try rubbing your toothbrush against the back of your tongue and slowly go deeper. The gag reflex makes you vomit. Do it carefully and you’ll end up throwing up yourself very quickly and easily. 

2. Use Your Finger 

If you don’t like the idea of using a toothbrush to make yourself throw up, you can try using your finger too! It’s the most common and old way of persuading yourself to puke. Wash your hands properly before doing so! Just put your finger inside your mouth and go deeper until you feel like vomiting. This can effortlessly make you vomit. 

Use your finger
Use your finger 

3. Watch Someone Throw Up 

It doesn’t sound much pleading but yes, watching someone throw up can induce vomiting easily. The sound and seeing someone vomiting can send a signal and the body makes you vomit throw up immediately. The sensation and sound of vomiting can provoke you to make yourself throw up. You can watch videos of people vomiting because it’s not quite easy to find someone vomiting. 

4. Expose Yourself to Some Horrible Smells and Sights 

We know, it’s not something easy to do but this method can help you to make yourself puke. Most people even when they are fine and healthy can puke when they see or smell something unpleasant and nasty. The unpleasant smells and sights can stimulate you to make yourself throw up because of the brain, it causes you to become sick and your body uses defenses and makes itself vomit. 

5. Salt with Warm Water 

Salt and warm water are a combination that can help you induce vomiting. Salt contains sodium which can shift the natural electrolyte balance of your body and makes you puke. Just add two teaspoons of salt into a glass of water. Drink this solution in one gulp. It will take some time. You can use your finger to speed up the process. 

6. Gargle with Egg Whites 

Most people can’t bear the taste and smell of raw eggs, so it can be an effective way to make yourself throw up. You can trigger vomit by gargling with egg whites. Cut the egg whites of 2-3 raw eggs and put them in a cup and gravel with it. Continue gargling until you feel like gagging. Repeat if it doesn’t work for the first time. 

Gargle with egg whites
Gargle with egg whites 


Inducing vomiting can is not very fine if done constantly and regularly it can lead to some health issues which can be problematic. Induced vomiting can lead to damage to the throat and mouth tissues, dehydration, or inhaling vomit to your lungs. So, avoid involuntary vomiting and talk to your doctor about the problem to be safe. Making yourself throw up can be tough. With these ways, you can throw up easily and immediately. However, if this method doesn’t make you feel any better, please talk to your doctor. 

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