Working Nomads Are The New Black!!!

In the 21st century, the debate has always revolved around work/life balance. With the increased cost of living, the concentration was always on career, but that lead to compromise on the home-front. It leads to stress and anxiety, a general wearing out post-30.

For women especially it became extremely daunting. Post maternity leave, many women didn’t rejoin their jobs. It is always a hard choice between a child and your personal ambition and career opportunity. 54% of mothers have said they would prefer to be at home, with 84% saying that their income plays a significant part in running the home. This has lead to increased dissatisfaction at work. The malady to all such problems has been the work from home facility otherwise referred to as the working nomads.

Why Women Prefer Work From Home?

Here are the some basic reasons why 54% prefer work from home:

1. More time with the family

Time with our loved ones-parents is extremely limited and precious. So if you have ailing and ageing parents or kids at home, companies that offer work from home option can be a boon. You can take them for their check-ups and doctor’s appointments, or pick up the kid from school. Kids grow up in the wink of an eye. Now you do not need to miss out on any of their small or big moments of life. For single parents, you can spend a lot of time with your child, and not wholly depend on childcare or constantly impose on family support.

2. Cost saving

When we calculate the gas cost, office attire, and expensive lunch, it is a huge sum of money at the end of the day. As working nomads, you can save money on petrol, there doesn’t need to be any added expenses for the work lunch. For half the cost, you can have healthy home-made lunch, when remote working. For women especially, going to office incurs the additional cost of dressing up, make-up and grooming-all this doesn’t come cheap!

3. No need for commuting

With an exploding population and growing urbanization, commuting in the city has become an ordeal. Being stuck in traffic for long hours can have an adverse effect on your health, as the level of pollution has become alarming. The hours spent in commute is time wasted, as you can neither be productive at work nor be able to spend quality time at home.

4. Flexible work hours

As working nomads, you are not bound by fixed 9-5 work hours. As long as you meet the target, you can work at any time. It is especially beneficial for mums, who can mould their schedules according to their kids. The night owls prefer work from home companies for this reason.

5. No office politics

Office rivalry can become extremely taxing, where you have to constantly compete with your colleagues to get due recognition. This is isn’t the case for working nomads, who are appraised for the work that is allotted to them. Since there is no constant interaction with co-workers, the relationship is much more cordial and professional. Female workers have often complained of various harassment that they had to encounter, this can be avoided by companies that offer work from home.

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6. Focus on work

There are no distractions like chatty co-workers or umpteen number of meetings and drills, the productivity of work increases. Those uncomfortable desks and sub-zero temperatures of the cubicles can make you extremely uncomfortable. You can have an environment that best suits you and work in that comfortable PJs.

Focus on work
Focus on work

7. Have some more time for self

Have you been ignoring those bills that need to be paid and household chores or groceries that have to be done? As working nomads, you can now tend to these along with your official work.  You can also finish your degrees or obtain further training while earning. Visit the gym or do some Pilates, now everything is possible.

8. Work anywhere

You do not need to have any designated workplace. On the bed or in the kitchen you can work anywhere. You can work at your favorite coffee place or at the mall, wherever the opportunity arises. If you are heading for a short vacation, with taking a leave, all you needed is a stable Wi-Fi connection and power back up.

Why companies that offer work from home are one the rise?

With the number of jobs increasing rapidly, organizations need to hire resources from all quarters. A recently conducted survey has shown that by 2020, over 30% of the workers will be freelancers, outsourced or remote workers.

Employers are all also benefiting from this set-up:

1. There is better employee retention, if you allow work from home facilities, a lot of women and men alike will be encouraged to work for you.

2. The availability of a wider talent pool, beyond geographic restrictions.

3. It lowers the overall cost. 30% of people will prefer working from home to a salary hike. Also smaller companies can cut back on overheads and infrastructure.

4. A study by Stanford has shown that employees who work from home are 13% more productive than traditional workers, it is due to lack of distraction and stress.

With the advancement in technology, it has become extremely easy to work remotely. Video calls, chatting facilities like Skype, Slack, Jabber and others, you can remain connected easily with your managers, co-workers and even clients.

Work from Home Professions

Some examples of profitable home business ideas include:

  • Content writing jobs
  • Online tutor
  • Online data entry
  • Transcription
  • Virtual call center jobs
  • Insurance
  • Freelance photographer
  • Freelance software developer
  • Freelance graphic design jobs

There are hundreds of listings in any job search portal for work from home companies looking f freelance workers, be careful of scam and fake listings. With the advancement of technology, it has finally become possible to have a work/life balance.

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