Are you looking for tips to lose weight? Then this is the right post for you!

We all have heard a lot of stories from our family members and friends about losing weight. But have you ever come across a weight loss story that said- “After just 2 weeks of a healthy diet, I have acquired my dream size & I never looked back”? NO, right? 

The truth is it is more difficult to maintain your weight after you lose weight. In order to have a lasting change to your body shape, you need to work on numerous factors such as choosing a sensible as well as a sustainable plan that you can religiously follow forever.

Well, there will be many occasions including birthdays, weddings, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and other celebrations, however, it is essential to take a U-turn and come back to your plan. Yes, cheat days are alright!! You should adopt a way of eating that you can follow in the long run as this will help you to slim down. Not just for 2  weeks, but for the rest of your life. 

Along with avoiding uttering the term ‘super-size’, there are many measures one can take to stop them self from eating a lot. Yes, it can be difficult, however, with some easy and simple tips you can puzzle your brain into stopping yourself.

Many of you might think that this will avoid you from feeling full, actually my friend- it is a bit opposite. You should know that your mind is a strong tool & your complaining stomach does not stand a chance.

Let us move forward and know some of the effective tips that will help you to lose weight and stay slim

Tips to lose weight and stay slim

1. Self Awareness is Important Love!

Yes, self-awareness is the one and the only key aspect of your lose weight and you should start considering it as soon as possible. When you understand the major reason for your weight to pile on, then you will be able to do something about it.

Isn’t it? To figure out that reason, you should keep a food journal & start writing down each and everything you eat/consume. Your record things should include almost everything so that at the end of the day, you know what is right for you and what’s wrong! 

2. Never Say GOODBYE to Healthy Food! If You Want To Lose Weight

Of course, you should always add in a lot of healthy stuff to your meals. Everyone has their own favorite veggies. What is yours? Include your favorites! Add a piece of any fruit in your breakfast as well as in an afternoon snack.

While you are filling up on food, which is stuffed with nutrients & wholesome fibre, it becomes a bit difficult for you to overindulge into stuff that results in weight gain.

3. Eating Outside- A BIG NO!! 

As I said earlier, making exceptions for celebrations is not wrong but why go outside when you can have more meals at your home. Well, it will help you to keep the weight off.

Yes, cooking is the ultimate key as it will let you control the salt, sugar and all other fat content. What’s say? From next invite people to your place and celebrate as much as you want to. 

4. Be Smart When You Shop! 

Stocking up your home with junk foods is just a bad idea! Why? You will not be able to resist my friend. If the junk stuff is there in your kitchen cabinet, then you are just putting yourself into a risky test- A test you will definitely fail! A simple tip- Do not buy stuff that no one at your home needs.

5. Eat a Lot of Plants!! 

Mother nature is an excellent food producer in the globe. Follow a plant-based diet that includes an average of 80 percent plants & 20 percent poultry, meat, beans, fish, lentils, and dairy. An outstandingly & Easy tip- fill a  greater portion of your plate with plants that are also in the most natural form possible.

Remember, permanent weight loss needs a lifestyle shift also. Thus, prioritize your health as well as learn a new method to approach food for a permanent result!!!