Spray tan?? Okay, we all love it! But is there something you still need to know about it??? Yeah, there’s a lot left! We all love that golden tan. Especially summer is the season when all the tan lovers come out in their best golden bronze skin. Also, tanning costs, not much but of course an amount such that you want to preserve that tan for the entire year. Hence, these days the tanners have moved on to this new kind of tan called spray tanning! The best thing about it is that it does away with the Sun’s UV rays. But is it healthy considering all the aspects of the same?

Things To Be Aware Of About Spray Tanning

There are some things about spray tanning that you should be aware of before getting one done. So that you undergo a safe and lasting procedure. Here they are:

1. 12 hours wait just after you shave

Shaving is a must before it. But the science behind shaving is that whenever we do it, we expose our skin to exfoliation. Through the process of exfoliation, the dead skin cells are removed, and the new ones come to the surface. This new skin is extremely soft initially, and when something like spray tan is done over it, it may get exposed to skin irritation. The main pigment that sprays tan comprises is DHA. And it is quite famous for causing red skin as well as discomfort. It is because the chemical present in it merges with the present cells of our body. While if you wait for around 12 hours, it gives your skin the required time to prepare itself and adapt so that it doesn’t get irritating. 

2. Spray tanning base, eh? 

It is strictly advised not to use spray tanning as a base for the sun tanning you have long been wanting! Also, to all those who think that spray tanning will give you an escape from the sun burning. It is not so! The solutions which are present within spray tan are not meant to be used as a base tan. Spray tanning can show your skin tanned but trust us, it has no specific role or effect on the melanin in your body. Also, be cautious whenever you feel like you can use spray tan as a replacement for sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen has a different function altogether. Rather, you can save and preserve spray tan if you put on some sunscreen above it. 

3. A big no to sugar scrubs

If you are the one trying to get a smooth flow throughout from your spray tan, then it is advisable to have an exfoliation before that. As soon as the old dead skin cells are removed, the new skin takes over. And this new skin is quite easy to fill in as compared to old ones. But beware if you choose the wrong scrub for exfoliation, then your skin may look streaked. Sugar scrubs are comprised of oil that will make the tango away instead of holding on! Therefore, it is highly advised that tanners should use mitts for the process of exfoliation. In addition to it, try leaving the lotion offered when the process ends. For all the dry-skinned people, you have finally found your happy home. It is because dry-skinned people are more likely to preserve tan on their skin than oily ones! 

4. Alcohol spray tans

As alcohol comprises thinner, so, it acts like one too. It makes the spray tan get misty as well as fluid concerning the skin. Also, the flip side of the coin is that alcohol is known to cause dryness in the skin. Due to this dryness at times it gives cracks and crevices look. So, for all the tanners out there, next time you step into a spray tan salon, ask them to use an alcohol-free spray. 

 Spray Tanning
 Spray Tanning

5. Bad tan fixation

If you have got the spray tan on your skin, and are not liking the color afterward, do not lose your confidence. We have got your back here! You can fix that issue at home too. Just do two things, take some warm water in your bathtub, and add somebody shower gel to it. Now, get in and soak! By doing this, you give spray tan the way out to lighten itself from your skin. Keep soaking in for around 1.5 hours. Now exfoliate your skin by using a loofah. Or you can also use a mint scrub. This will allow the spray tan to go away immediately. 

So, these were some of the amazing facts about spray tanning we wanted our tanner readers to know. Rest summers are approaching soon! And we will come up with more such articles for you! Till then, stay tuned. 

Stay beautiful 💛

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