Wearing smartwatches is quite trendy now and these little devices are the perfect assistants for your female focused smartwatches . These not only look classy on your wrist but also go a long way in making your life easier because of their unique and useful features. The best female-focused smartwatches have additional components which many other watches don’t. Who knew that a watch could turn out to be so helpful, right? 

While many of these watches look good on everybody and have interesting characteristics like tracking heart rate, stress levels, sleep duration, oxygen levels, etc. they also have some elements that are essentially helpful to women. 

These include the menstrual cycle tracking features and a sleek fit. Such options confirm that these are female-focused smartwatches and have been designed to be more inclusive and beneficial for women as well. This is a great step forward for the manufacturing companies and in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best female smartwatches that are currently available in the market. 

Best Female Focused Smartwatches

Here are the best female focused smartwatches:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 

The most recent variant of the Samsung female smartwatch,  Active2 is ruling the digital market now with better features and more size options than the previous versions. It can be operated with both android and iOS phones. It has to be Samsung’s best female smartwatch, given the impressive pros. It has top-notch fitness tracking technology that can keep a record of up to 39 fitness activities, GPS tracking feature, sweat, and water-resistant properties, etc.

Moreover, the band is replaceable and you can easily transition from more to less formal styles. The best part? The menstrual cycle tracking feature for sure. If you’re a working woman, this one’s going to be a perfect fit for you and you can just keep extra bands with you if you have to change outfits on the go. Are you excited to get yours? 

2. Fitbit Sense 

If you’re a Fitbit Sense user, you literally carry a fitness expert wherever you go. It is a female smartwatch wearable for android that caters to all your fitness requirements. It has a great design, better than all its previous editions, and has a very sleek and smart look. It consists of a biosensor core that can make you aware of changes in your body. It keeps a track of your oxygen levels, body temperature, heart rate, etc. 

Female-focused Smartwatches
Female-focused Smartwatches

It also has an ECG app that’s responsible for keeping a check on the electrodermal responses and focuses on stress management. Not many female-focused smartwatches pay attention to stress levels, given that women are more prone to stress-related disorders according to studies. However, women’s wellness is one of the main purposes of its creation. If you are looking for a health and fitness guide, along with a great smartwatch, we’ve got your best match. 

3. Apple Watch Series 6 

If you’re a loyal Apple user and want to explore the world of female-focused smartwatches, the Apple Series 6 is going to impress you for sure. It records body temperatures and oxygen saturation levels, along with accurate heart rates as well. 

Moreover, the features that make it a trustworthy female smartwatch are the menstruation tracking sensors and also the scope of viewing your menstrual cycle history, to be aware of your period-related issues. It also has a great deal of internal storage space that allows you to install various applications, for better utility. The new color options are in demand and we’d suggest you get yours soon! 

4. Garmin Venu 

Smartwatches for women just got cooler with broader designs and a sturdy finish! A female smartwatch wearable for android that also takes care of your fitness regime throughout the day? Garmin Venu is surely the one for you. It is going to analyze your health and fitness-related issues throughout the day with the preinstalled apps and GPS tracking facility to support its monitoring. 

As far as women-friendly features are concerned, not only does it keep a record of your periods but also physical and emotional impacts as well. Not just that, it can also make you aware of the appropriate diet and routine that you need in each of your cycles and basically makes the entire process of menstruation simpler. Now that is how the best female smartwatch functions and we’re not complaining. Set your period reminders and get done with all your period stress for the month. 

5. Fitbit Charge 4 

The best part about these smartwatches is that you don’t even have to worry about operating them. For instance, while you’re working out, the Fitbit would automatically record your workout details just by determining the movement of your body. You can wear it even when you go for an underwater dip. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters and would be able to provide you with elaborate insights into your swimming sessions.

It also has features that record sleep hours and specifies the most efficient stages. This information would help you to improve your sleep cycles and reduce stress. Furthermore, you can easily trace your periods and the most fertile days of the month as well. It would notify you on the days you’re ovulating. This female smartwatch works just fine for working women who also want to improve their approach to health and fitness without having to make an effort themselves. 


We have talked about some of the best female-focused smartwatches that have currently created a buzz in the market. If you’ve always wanted to invest in a high-quality smartwatch, this is the right time to go for it and make a purchase. 

With such versatile options, it’s hard to make a choice but you’re surely going to find the one that’s suitable for you. Compare the features and determine your priorities to make the selection easier. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on your favorite one right away!  

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