5 Face Cleansing Mistakes You Do!

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face cleansing mistakes
Isha Surabhi
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Tired enough yet not getting the perfect face??? 

Cleansing it up all day long yet unsatisfied??? 

We all know how imperative it is to cleanse our face after a long day at work. We try not to leave any opportunity to wash the face with water and face wash so that there’s not even a speck of dust lingering over. We need to understand that cleansing is something that never cleanses your face simply rather it’s a very technical thing and we do face cleansing mistakes. And doing it the right way only fetches you the desired results. So, there are these 5 face cleansing rules that we want to list out to all our readers for having a good routine clean up! 

1. Cleansing tool

If you think your cleansing tool is just meant to make your vanity seem attractive, then you are wrong! This is most common face cleansing mistakes we do. These cleansing tools help a good deal in shaping up your skin the way you want to. Right from skin congestion to anything, they help a lot by opening up the pores and hence helping you with the blockages. Also, helps well in tackling the dull and dry complexions, but only when done on a regular frequency.

For women who have excessive hair growth on face, it is really helpful. When hair follies get congested, there’s a fair chance that they may give a way to acne on your skin. But by active usage if brush, you can deal with that too. The procedure includes deep cleansing and not just the one of upper layer. Hence, it becomes really easy for it to brush away new hair growth which is unnecessary as well as causes congestion.

For a newbie to this, Foreo Luna 3 and Clarisonic Mia Smart are two of the most perfect options to get started with this! 

2. The Wrong Cleanser For Face Cleansing

We are well aware of the fact that our skins are different i.e unique. And hence the treatments to each should be unique too. Which makes it a face cleansing mistakes we do. It depends on factors like your skin type. You have to choose your cleanser based on the type i.e oily, combination, dry, acne prone etc. One suitable for all works for very less number of people. The best advised into this is to go ahead with a natural cleanser. It neither harms nor is inclusive of any kind of chemical.

Also, while you opt your cleanser, make sure it’s the one for face and not for body. Both have different compositions, and hence messing with them is not a great idea! That haunting phase has luckily passed by when people used to wash off their faces with the body soaps!! The body related products can seem far too rough a choice for your face. 

The perfect choice in this genre will be Balance Cleanser. This makes sure that the lipid layer of your skin doesn’t just get blown away. 

3. Water too hard or hot???

At times, the water of your area may not suit up your skin. Also, in winter, we all tend to use hot water to relax our skin. But is it worth the facial skin? No, it is also a face cleansing mistakes. Your skin has a fragile sort of complexion. Also, heat affects the moisturous layer real bad. At the same time it is responsible for depleting capillaries which may leave your skin scarred red after face cleansing. 

The solution to this is really easy. All you have to do is to use mild hot or as we call it lukewarm water. 

4. Rub it rough! 

For those women, who work on the rub it rough principle, we suggest you not to during face cleansing! If you think rubbing it hard can give you the most clean as well as lustrous skin, then you are wrong and it’s a face cleansing mistakes we do. Rather it takes you towards the road of premature ageing and ruins your fragile skin. Also, it may make you go through Rosacea(a skin condition) as well as you may experience brokenness of blood vessels beneath your skin. 

The simple way to avoid this is to rinse your face evenly but with a soft approach! 

face cleansing mistakes

5. Extreme Exfoliation

This often happens with most of us, that we want our skin to be clean to the extent of perfection. And hence, we choose to exfoliate it too much. But have you ever thought that if your skin is too pored already then using it may increase the size of those pores. It actually ruins it. Also, if you find exfoliation good, do not do it regularly. It may seem like it’s cleansi, and therefore you have red scars, but that’s not the case. It may just damage it permanently. 

We recommend you Clarisonic Exfoliating Head for the ones having a gentle skin. Also, wash off cleanser responds effectively well for those who don’t want to scrub! 

So, these were five of the quick reasons that you may be skipping during face cleansing onto which is why your face isn’t giving you the desired results. 

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